SCANNER RECAP May 17, 2023

Home Invasion, Fentanyl Overdose, Mental Health Episode, Lady Trapped in Heater Vent, Verbal and Physical Disturbances, Arrests and more every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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Over Scanner Traffic . . .

Timestamps are approximately when our team remembered hearing it.

All traffic is fluid and subject to correction at any time.

A new scanner is being ordered to improve our signal to the public. Thank you to Siegfried Consulting LLC for their generous donation.

Traffic should not be considered news until further information is confirmed.

Scanner Traffic = the words that they say over their radios with dispatch and each other.

All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

4:51 am – the scanner was going off… I thought it said there was a person at er saying she killed her husband and child and baby at the north side mobile home part. They just had contact with the boyfriend via phone, Her son is in jail. The car she drove to the er is the boyfriend’s. I’m thinking the lady at the hospital claiming she killed people is having some sort of mental break. She’s saying it’s her sugars are off but won’t take meds.

5:08 am – Police are on site looking in the window

Thank goodness they didn’t find anyone inside

5:33 am – Female laying on west side of house, W 19th

5:42 am – med command W 19th street

5:48 am – terminate med command 1 female enroute to hospital

7:47 am – brown very tame Doberman heading to phs

7:53 am – something about a black suv on highway 26 by Mitchell

8:00 am – nsp requesting tow mm 13 or 14 on 26 east of Mitchell vehicle with hub and tire off

8:05 am – tow truck en route

8:52 am – telling cop to turn around

8:53 am – 8th Ave and E Overland traffic, Expired tags, Colorado plates

9:43 am – South St, Gering, lady has foot stuck in heater vent. Baby also fell. Lots of crying in the background. Door is locked and officers can’t get in. SB FD responding. Door had to be breached for entry.

Are there any resources to fix the lady’s door, so that she can secure her house and family?

9:47 am – kitten found by lady, dropping it off

9:50 am – Morrill High School, 17 year old male had 450 lbs dropped on him

10:20 am – Hispanic female at cricket wireless refusing to leave

10:30 am – stop and hold for Gering pd for stalking, White Malibu.

10:38 am – W 27th St shoplifting they want him trespassed

10:45 am – sending an officer to male frequent caller, he keeps calling and rambling

12:22 pm – I think they just said they are heading to hospital with a 95 yo male with uti symptoms who is comatose.

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12:34 pm – row 10 at Walmart 2 vehicle accident non-injury. A red Camry and something else.

12:53 pm – just saw someone on 16th Ave who was involved in a forgery yesterday

1:29 pm – North West of Mitchell

Rollover on 5 rocks. Partial team called. It’s across from the rv park.

Eye witness statement just came in…I just saw a high speed chase on Five rocks road headed out of town. a black Honda I believe being chased by about 4 cops but when I got home it sounded like more we’re headed that way.

“He was headed south and went through the guide cables on the east side and rolled it over. It looked really bad.”

Rollover on Five Rocks Road

Ambulance headed to rwmc with police escort.

3:30 pm – Poplar St. 3 yo choking on an apple. She is breathing.

3:40 pm – Valley dispatched for female choking.

3:46 pm – 10-44 W 20th. Wreck in front of post office.

4:11 pm – Ems @ devita.

4:37 pm – Minatare rescue county rd 29 Ems req cr 29 53yo hurt her ankle.

7:05 pm – 3rd Ave male overdose, narcan given

So if narcan is given does the person still go to the hospital? Yes. Do they go to jail then if they don’t have a prescription?

35 year old overdose of fentanyl, 4 grams of narcan administered

7:09 public assist at ring down

Cops heading east on 26 lights and sirens between Morrill and Mitchell

7:16 pm – Avenue A. Male there causing trouble. Last seen headed down the alley.

7:37 pm – he is back and causing a disturbance

7:38 pm – lots of screaming and yelling at Ave A address

7:50 pm – male has been trespassed

7:51 pm – east bound highway 26 just past county rd 19 white pickup with trailer all over the road rp thinks driver may be intoxicated

7:58 pm – E Overland rp wants to talk to cop about another person throwing trash all over

8:01 pm – 5th animal complaint rp chased by 2 black mastiffs

8:02 pm – also at same address watch for 10-35

8:06 pm – littering

8:16 pm – juvenile being escorted to Minatare.

8:17 pm – Gering rescue needed rifle site male passed out in car bleeding from mouth

8:39 pm – movie theater at the mall in parking lot 2 vehicle mva Chevy impala and ford explorer

8:43 pm – 16th Ave trailer rp says he saw people go through his car he went outside and confronted them they took off now they are back

8:45 pm – sounds like neighbors stopped the people who went through cars. 4 or 5 people can be heard arguing in background

8:47 pm – 2 people took off in silver suv unknown 39 took a left out of trailer park North bound on 16th right?

9:47 pm – home invasion, West Street, Two males then took off towards Ave I

RP has a local 10-35. The warrant is a time pay warrant for no registration or insurance

9:59 pm – can’t find any one. RP said the two males ran towards river. They only hear frogs and see a few deer by the river

10:01 pm – male 10-15 headed to county.

Have your home invaded and then you get arrested. Not a good day for the rp.

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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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