Small Business – Ag Spotlight

The Callicrate Bander provides a safe, humane method of castration and dehorning.

Tom King and his wife live on a small farm in western Nebraska where cows often outnumber people.

Tom is a classic example of the great entrepreneurial spirit in rural America with his Callicrate Bander distributorship that he has put together with the manufacturer No Bull Enterprises out of St. Francis, Kansas.

Website developer and friend Brian Hale recalls seeing the ‘giant rubber band’ many years ago and thought it would be a great idea to put that on a website for Tom.

Hale’s company recommended and and proceeded to build a website for him and 16 years later, they’re both still doing business together.

The Callicrate Bander is a proven product and Tom is in good company with the likes of Temple Grandin, renowned expert in livestock behavior, showing her support for the Callicrate method in the testimonial shown here.

Not only does Tom carry the Callicrate Bander, but he also has The Hook Doctor and Kunafin Fly Control products on his newest website by Andi Hale at Hale Multimedia.

Visit Tom King’s today!

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