Our Affliction is Temporary

“Our affliction is light and temporary”

Pastor Bob McCartney

Dr. Bob McCartney is phenomenal at delivering God’s Word and has a tremendous following in North Texas area and beyond. Many of his listeners and viewers are from distant places, even prior to the changed world we now live in, through facebook, livestream and their own TV station. My family and I have been thoroughly impressed at the solid Biblical foundation of all of Pastor Bob’s teachings and his energy and passion for delivering on point and on time week after week, service after service, year after year.

Pastor McCartney may not know exactly how closely some of us follow his every word, especially his illustrations and ties to current events. Again, he does amazing at staying focused on delivering the sermon God has planned for him each week. However, once in a while Pastor Bob will begin to tell a story that causes those of us in the aforementioned category to take a deep breath… awaiting the angle at which he will deliver his point. Today was one of those days.

Archived photo of First Baptist Church Wichita Falls, circa 1921.

Pastor Bob began the message today, April 27, 2020 with the story of Harry Truman (no relation to the former President by the same name), a man who refused to evacuate from the base of Mount St. Helens before it blew it’s top killing him and 56 others on May 18, 1980. Prior to the blast, scientists were observing the growing bulge of lava gathering on the north side of the mountain at the rate of 6 feet per day. They knew it was going erupt, and they felt it would be soon. Despite the data, despite the danger, despite the clear warnings to evacuate, Mr. Truman refused to listen.

At this point, many of us felt that Pastor Bob was going to continue down the path of encouraging us to listen to and obey the warnings of the media and public officials. I was almost ready to reach for my phone to fire up the twitter account if Pastor Bob was going to go down that road… Then he surprised us by turning the corner at the perfect time and place, right into the message of salvation in a perfect transition.


(You had us going for a minute, Pastor!!)

You see, Mr. Truman made a choice under his own power knowing he would likely pay the ultimate price of death, like our Saviour and Lord did when he died on the cross for those who believe and choose to follow the gospel message.

Key point for me today as that the saying “it’s never too late” does not apply to accepting the free gift of salvation. There is a point when it is too late to ask for forgiveness and to turn away from sin and self. Why wait until it’s too late? When is it too late? Let me ask you this, do you know your own date and time of expiration? If so, you can wait and take your chances. Otherwise, do it now, before it’s too late.

The bible says on the day of the Lord’s return that EVERY tongue shall confess and EVERY knee will bow. That does not mean everyone will get a ticket into heaven. Hell is real and Heaven is real. There is no heaven on earth. That is fantasy. It’s a real choice… and a harsh reality that only those who act before it’s too late, and choose to believe in their heart and confess with their lips that Jesus Christ is Lord, shall be saved.

Pastor Bob’s message was a very positive one about how our life is like a vapor and our affliction is very light and temporary compared to the affliction of those who choose to ignore and disobey God. Their affliction will be a permanent pain and suffering apart from Him, forever and ever in absolute misery with no way out.

I am eternally grateful for God’s plan vs. that plan for non-believers. Please friends, reach out to everyone and encourage them to discover the peace that passes all understanding through Jesus Christ. Please do not hesitate to contact me through any of a dozen ways including phone, email, facebook, twitter or the web.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or brian@halemultimedia.com

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