An Unshakeable Faith

It goes without saying that it feels so good to be back in church again. Of course the social distancing made for smaller crowds, and obviously more distance between us, but the message that pastor Bob delivered is one that should bring us all together.

We are to be unshakeable in our faith. That is a quality that many Christians desire but… There’s worry and pressure and deadlines and fear…

Please do not forget the great scriptures that remind to be anxious about nothing and that He did not create in us a spirit of fear but a spirit of triumph and all those promises of encouragement. I know, it’s still hard, especially now!

First Baptist Church Wichita Falls praise band led by Sydney Frank during the 11:00 Worship Service Live. Photo by Brian Hale.

A common phrase in the Bible that seems to always precede a big moment is an angel speaking those words ‘do not fear’. It is that undeniably real fear, suddenly calmed by an unshakeable power that gives me comfort when I feel afraid. God is more powerful than anything you could fear. Do not let fear destroy you. Stay calm, help is on the way!

Pastor Bob McCartney at First Baptist Wichita Falls in Texas continues to deliver deep, meaningful sermons in such a natural way. And on this day, May 3, 2020, our first day physically back in church, he did NOT disappoint! In fact, I told my family today that I get more excited about a Pastor Bob sermon than a playoff game. That’s a really good sign that he is feeding his people.

So, how can we be unshaken, unafraid, and unfettered in our pursuit of Christ, especially in these times?

1. Be confident of your personal salvation

2. Be certain that God is in Control

3. Be calmed because believers are leaving

This sounds like good advice and the message would have been a good one… but what was that about believers leaving?

I started to think he might be talking about the rapture… and then in one of the smoothest transitions into an end times message I’ve ever witnessed, he unpacked it for us in way never before understood. Pastor Bob made it so easy to understand the differences between pre, mid and post tribulation theories on the rapture.

We learned that the one who could remove the pain and suffering would be removed with the believers at the time of the rapture. Who is this One? No human can remove all pain and suffering. Could this One the Bible is referring to be ‘The Holy Spirit?’

If so, that makes sense to us that the rapture will come, believers and the Holy Spirit will go home and a period of God’s Wrath will follow on Earth for seven years. God is removing us to keep us from that pain and suffering on Earth. Jesus already paid our price. His blood sacrifice was final. We get to go home.

At that point, it will be God’s Wrath that changes people’s minds about apostase, described as an all out denial of Christ. I recall that the Bible is clear that in the end every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Thank you Jesus!

Hey friends, please take action before it’s too late. How much bolder can I be with you? Do it before you regret it. Get saved! Call me or your pastor, friend, mentor, anyone but don’t sit there and do nothing because there is too much GOOD NEWS for YOU who decide to follow Jesus.

Pastor Bob continues to affect lives in a positive way and we are grateful for his service to our community. He was one of our very first contacts in the community and was part of our decision to ultimately move to Wichita Falls in 2013.

Thank you Pastor Bob McCartney.

The Hales

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or

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