Virtual Expo Technology

Welcome to the world of constant change.

Ironically, this state of constant change is nothing new to those of us in agriculture, or in website development.

Adapting to change is in our DNA (and dns). Lol

The current changes mandated by the government allow us to have a virtual show, but not a physical gathering.

However, animals must eat, crops need planted, agriculture does not stop and neither will we. Rural America is built on a handshake with personal service.

Rather than throw in the towel like many shows have chosen to do, we opted to venture into the future with our good friends from Hale Multimedia and explore our options with a Virtual Show.

But… We definitely had questions.
How does this all work or even look like in real life on the web? Is it going to be good for our vendors? Is it possible this fast?

Hale Multimedia went the extra mile to explain everything, especially how their main concern was the Exhibitors. As an exhibitor themselves, they tackled this from the perspective as a fellow exhibitor.

Here is what they believe is a list of benefits to having a Virtual Expo.


1. More Exposure

Typically an exhibitor’s exposure is limited to any prior advertising they do or to trade show traffic during the 3 day period.

The weather often cuts down or limits traffic to outdoor exhibitors. A virtual show removes all weather barriers. We also understand that many without a golf cart just don’t cover the entire grounds of 3 building plus outdoor exhibits.

Planting season sometimes stands in the way. Farmers don’t have time for the farm show, even though they might like to attend. Now they can browse before, during (live) or after (with recorded content).

Exhibitors will receive more exposure and reach more potential customers than ever before with the additional multiple marketing avenues we have through Hale Multimedia to supplement all of the normal exposure we get locally with TV, radio and newspaper.

Additional Exposure
– Radio Network exposure in MT, ND, SD, NE, CO, KS, NM, TX.
– Podcast Network exposure
– Multiple Social Media Campaigns
  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
– Personal Referrals
– AgSearch Community Listing
– Star Expos B2B Exhibitor Network

2. More Time to Sell, more locations

Exhibitors have more time to sell their products and services because we have opened the selling floor for a full 2 weeks before the actual show starts.

– Join the Facebook group and start selling or promoting immediately!
– Like AgSearch FB page
– Like Hale Multimedia FB page
– Get listed on
– Tweet a promotional announcement
– Post on Instagram and tag us!

3. No Travel Required

4. No Lodging Expenses

5. Virtual Booth
– provides a visual representation of what you should find in a booth
– interactive show floor map will have an instant mouseover popup with one-click virtual booth access
– public gets easy access to your company literature via download which saves on printing costs
– public is given easy access to your company videos (1 welcome + unlimited additional videos)
– offers quick, easy access to representatives via chat, email, phone
– updateable frequently asked questions
– built-in lead generator

6. Live Feed during show hours on Company Home Page
– Presenters appear live during actual scheduled times
– Exhibitor videos and special announcements rotate between Presentations

7. Expo Research Library (Info Booth)
– search entire expo network by product, service, name, city, state, topic, issue
– big benefit to Exhibitors, Presenters and the general public

8. Marketing and Video Assistance
– help with promotional ideas to draw traffic to your virtual booth and to your local business where appropriate
– video consulting before the show
– follow up marketing assistance
– full range of b2b business services

9. Deep discounts on website services
– Website and Mobile Development
– Website Hosting and Email
– Custom Database Programming
     Courtesy of Hale Multimedia

10. Gain Valuable Experience
– join us as pioneers in agriculture
– use this show as a practice run
– stay ahead of the curve
– discover new marketing avenues
– don’t fall behind by not adapting now

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