Pending FEMA Exercises

If history has taught us anything about political hoaxes, it’s the need for a simple awareness of pending legislation. Congress is like a pack of litmus papers. They dip into something to test the reaction, then they adjust according to public opinion. It’s all about public perception, so the production must look and feel real.

Obama posing with crisis actor ‘Victoria’.

The House of MisRespresentatives recently voted on, and passed, a Resolution to infringe upon our constitutional right to bear arms. The vote will now go to the Senate but with the balance of power so evenly distributed, it is our belief that FEMA is preparing to launch another shooting exercise or drill in order to convince the American people that the recent gun violence justifies Congress taking away our rights.

Stay tuned. We’re hoping we are wrong this time.

Meanwhile, we have compiled a list of the most shocking exercises below;

Sandy Hook

Las Vegas


…to be continued

OK. We were unfortunately correct in our premonitions. On the 17th, as predicted, there was the Atlanta Massage Parlors shooting spree, then just five days later there was another shooting (Boulder King Soopers). We got a two for one there but it’s not over yet…

2 thoughts on “Pending FEMA Exercises

    1. Thank you! Let’s keep our eyes open with the pending gun legislation in Congress… A school or mass shooting seems to happen during times when the public needs convinced that we HAVE to do something about these dangerous guns!

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