Don’t Question the Magical Science

Apparently Covid-19 is a smart virus, as opposed to the dumb virus of Influenza.

See, Covid can discern where to land and lie in wait to infect the unsuspecting and where not to land in order to not infect an unsuspecting person. It knows that masks mean, ‘stay away’, and no mask means, ‘come on in’. Covid also knows that once you get to a dining table while in a restaurant, not to hang around, but as soon as the person stands up, it’s fair game.

That Influenza virus though, is so dumb. Influenza lands just anywhere, infecting everyone! Influenza is so 2019.

It’s wonderful that so many are wearing a mask and social distancing to prevent the spread of dumb Influenza, causing it to virtually disappear! Too bad, though, more people won’t wear their mask and social distance to slow the spread of the smart Covid-19, they’re so selfish.

Stay home, stay safe.
If it saves just one life.
The virus stops here!

Slow the spread, save the economy—mask up | HENRY KOTULA

We’re in this together!
Trace. Test. Treat.
Stay 6-feet apart.
Social Distancing.
And absolutely no touching!

The guidelines given throughout the Covid-19 pandemic have been contradictory at best.

Don’t question the Magical Science of Covid-19. The Magical Science and the Mask-god are what will ultimately save the lives of all of humanity! Be damned mental health, economic stability, feeding your families–don’t be so selfish, because after all, it isn’t about you, its about every one else, and if it just saves one life…then the loss of life through suicide is all worth it.

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