I have read the hackers of the gas pipeline have stated they do not want to hurt the people. Who did they think was going to suffer for this? The government, for God’s sake, give me a break.

If you’re so smart why don’t you hack and find out about the election? Why don’t you become the heroes of America? Maybe you don’t want to know.

Maybe you’re just like the government and it’s about you and money, having everything you want and screw the rest of the world, they can just keep suffering at the hands of the liars and thieves of our government.

I’ve read many countries are depending on America to be the first to break the cycle of greed. They are waiting with baited breath to follow the American example of goodness and show that there are still good people in America. To show not everyone is corrupt. Huh I don’t see it. 

What’s the message your trying to send hackers? You are smart enough to break a code as difficult as that may be, what does it say about you when you attack the very people who need that gas for work and to live?

America is tired of being dragged through the mud and muck for someone else’s agenda. Do not try to act like you’re not bad people because what you’re doing, your statement of not trying to hurt anyone is bullshit and we the American people don’t buy it. 

When is this going to end? When are the American people going to stand up? Is it going to take a war or just for the covid vaccine to kick in and really show the death toll that was on the agenda in the first place? Hackers; is your time limited as well, did you get the vaccine? In the meantime, why don’t you step up your game and hack what matters!

Didn’t hack what mattered…no respect.

Desi Serda

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