What happens when judges get so full of their own fluff and importance they start using their own biases to rule the court room? A New York appellate court, according to new sources, is threatening a white mother with removal of her daughter if she doesn’t get rid of a rock. This ungodly rock is painted like a confederate flag. 

The judges have indicated the rocks presence will be part of the determining factors in a custody case involving her daughter. The mother is white, the father is black. The child is in elementary school. The courts indicated she could retain joint custody of the child, but if she did not remove the rock a “change of circumstances” could happen in the custody of the child. 

Who is the named intellectually challenged Judge, Justice Stanley Pritzker? Ironic how justice is his profession, where he seems to have gone off the script and inserted himself into personal opinion regarding a rock painted with the confederate flag. 

Personally, Stanley Pritzker, I think you should do more homework and educate yourself regarding this flag. While you’re at it, you might want to rethink your job or clarify your boundaries when it comes to child custody and care. 

How about you instruct both parents to go to a history class and learn the true meaning behind that flag? Talk to multiple people who know what that flag represents so their daughter gets a well-rounded education regarding slavery and who really fought to free the slaves and who fought against it?

Maybe you should use your position for good instead of judgment on people’s personal belongings. The child loves her parents. The child’s well-being is the focus, not some stupid rock that someone takes offense to. 

Seems to me justice has turned into a circus and lost focus on what is important. An elementary age child being threatened to be taken from her home from her mother over a rock. 

This judge has lost his mind.  

Desi Serda

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