#152 – What about Baylee and Banks?

I try to ask the tough questions, but this one shouldn’t fit into that category.

Why isn’t anyone else asking, “What about Baylee and Banks”?

Ok, let’s set a little background here.

I’m talking about the case of the man who went missing from (Terrytown) Gering Nebraska in 2019, Chance Englebert. If you’re not familiar with this case, Baylee and Banks are Chance’s wife and son.

Chance went missing on July 6 after going for a walk to cool down following a family discussion that some have, at times, framed as an argument. For those who knew Chance, this was not uncommon for him to do. He would walk to cool down, and return shortly. Unfortunately, he faced a fierce thunderstorm that night as well as some unexplained trouble en route and has never been found.

Most people believe him to be dead, which has caused a firestorm of emotion. Not only are the families grieving the loss of a husband, brother, son and friend, but they are also facing huge misunderstandings and finger pointing that has been only fueled by social media. It’s been a real mess, but through it all, they say the focus is still on finding Chance…

One post on social media asked something to the effect of Why does there have to be so much drama every time Matt wants to set up a search?

Dozens if not over a hundred other comments directly accuse the evil wife of cold-blooded murder in the first degree. These are their accusations, NOT OURS. In fact, in a recent podcast, attached within, yours truly holds nothing back calling for a halt to these unfounded, hurtful and despicable assumptions and accusations being thrown around on social media.

I don’t understand how people can blame this young lady in real time. Did they miss the memo? Is Baylee in custody? Did she get OJ’s lawyers?

IF she had anything to do with murdering her husband, why is she not in jail or listed as a suspect in the case? There is one simple answer at this time, and that is that there is zero evidence to implicate her, only that which is circumstantial based on assumptions. These Assumptions and accusations are NOT HELPFUL to this case as long as they are not fact or witness based. We believe Chance would be disgusted at these attacks on his wife and extended family.

After all the commotion now, I just want to know….

What if YOU were Baylee?

Let’s do a little mental exercise. Read the next two paragraphs then close your eyes and imagine yourself as the spouse of the missing.

Take a deep breath, and do your best to cleanse your mind of any pre-conceived notions. Now, if you are able to do this exercise properly, you will place yourself in the shoes of the accused. YOU are Baylee. You just had an argument with your husband. He goes for a walk, like he has many times before. He always comes back. He didn’t this time. You are afraid. You are scared. You are young. You have a new child. Terrible thoughts go through your mind. You say things, you do things and some of those things don’t come out right. You’re getting advice from everywhere. You are being persuaded by others older than you. You have no money to pay the next round of bills… the house, the car, the utilities, food and support for Banks… You are sick to your stomach over your missing husband. Days go by and no one has seen any trace of him. You begin to lose hope. You don’t want to give up, but you say things as a realist and the media jumps on it. You act strangely in front of media cameras as they throw questions at you. You don’t know what to think. Desperation starts to set in… Weird scuffles are developing in the search effort. Families are falling apart from each other even further than before… WHAT could get worse?

What if the community started accusing YOU of murder? After all, you said some things that contradicted yourself. Plus you said strange things and acted weirdly on TV. You didn’t act right or say the right things, so ‘we know you did it!’ the community screams. SUDDENLY, you are getting Death Threats from people accusing you of hiding something. Self-Proclaimed YouTube Investigators come out of the woodwork and show up at your door. Your family has to hire an attorney for their protection after accusations start flying like manure out of a new spreader.

Close your eyes and just THINK about THAT for a few seconds until you become very uncomfortable, then go ahead and continue reading when your ready.

What have YOU done to help Baylee and Banks?

Normally a community would not hesitate to embrace a young mother and child of a missing man. (even if some people were accusing her) But no, not Scotts Bluff County. Look at this community. Look at how many people have bonded together around Baylee and Banks. Practically zip, zilch, nada (other than those who follow us at Digging Deeper). How can this community call itself a community? Disgusting, straight up lack of support for this young woman and child.

If you have any information that could help investigators, please contact the Gering Police Department directly or Scotts Bluff County at 308-436-6666.

Other Key Questions

Have YOU ever been accused of murdering your spouse? Most of us have not, but I can assure you that people DO NOT act normal when under the pressure of losing a loved one AND at the same time, have what seems like the entire community CONSPIRING to CONVICT you.

How would YOU feel? How would YOU act?

What if you KNEW the person you were talking crap about? We believe alot of things would change if people would use that thing in their head called a brain.

What would YOU want YOUR community to do if you lost your husband to suspicious circumstances after an argument?

Why aren’t the police actively searching for this young man?

Who set the narrative in the community to make it so that 99.9% of the people are ACCUSING a young mother of MURDER?

Look at the disgusting comments on social media, if you dare. It almost reminds me of watching pundits pick who is going to win a game of sports or something… Virtually everyone has picked a side on this and may have a suprise… because WHEN ALL OF THEM PICK ONE, THE UNDERDOG USUALLY WINS.

What about Baylee and Banks?

Does anyone have any compassion for a young mother and child? It seems that answer is a big NO because everyone is accusing one person of doing something that would NOT benefit her in any way. This is nonsense.

Update shortly after releasing the podcast : We are finding that there ARE others out there that feel the same way we do and are willing to stand up for the truth. See their comments under the podcast.

Could she have done it? Anything is possible right? Motive? NONE. Means, yeah the car maybe. Opportunity, yeah, but quite a stretch given the evidence we do have.

Have the police pursued the active leads about the altercation Chance had while walking? There is evidence of someone giving him trouble while on the phone with his wife. Why has THAT not been pursued, and if it has been… did it have anything to do with the immediate drug bust AT the SAME house that the LAST Video of Chance came from?

The police have been notified of the witnesses that claim he was beaten and dumped with bricks tied to him. Has anything ever come of those leads?

Too many questions, not enough investigation.

2 thoughts on “#152 – What about Baylee and Banks?

  1. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚…You’re going to feel stupid when her and her family are arrested…HOPEFULLY soon!
    If they’re not guilty, why haven’t they cooperated.
    No worries now…they have moved…the truth will come to surface soon I feel.

    Bayless will be where she belongs…in prison!


    1. Thanks for your comment. Please keep in mind that it’s not about my feelings or even being right. It’s about Justice for Chance… It’s about a young man and his families, and the community. If you want to know more, please ask the investigators your “why haven’t they… ” questions. We would all like to know the truth.


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