The Great Experiment on Humanity

Why is the world trying to kill off all the people?

Americas front line doctors “White Coat Summit”, exposed the truth regarding the experimental covid drug mislabeled as a vaccine. Why the mislabeling? Because who would voluntarily get an experimental drug if the truth got out they have no idea of the short or long term effects?

Ryan Cole, MD lays out the fact regarding the experimental drug and what it is doing to the body. The video was never supposed to be public, it was a closed summit. Experiments with just the spike protein shows damage that is done to the body without the covid even in it. He states we must stop this NOW!

Who is Ryan Cole MD? Board-certified pathologist, Dr. Ryan Cole, spoke at the White Coat Summit about the catastrophic damage COVID vaccines are doing on humans and the toxic spike protein with potential long-term effects of vaccines. Heart muscle can not repair, so any damage is permanent. Will there be more autoimmune disease, cancer, infertility?

There have been multiple deaths and now the target is children. Too many heart problems, inflammation of the heart muscle as well as the surrounding sac that protects the heart have been reported.

Ten children so far in that have died after getting the Jab. Out of eleven thousand deaths, there are no autopsies. How can science predict how this experimental drug is working on your body when no one is looking?

One can not find that for which they do not look.

Dr. Ryan Cole, MD
Dr. Ryan Cole speaks at the White Coat Summit on July 27, 2021

There has been no funding offered to research this experimental drug.

We have been told it doesn’t affect reproduction but it decreased reproduction in rats by sixteen percent. Rats have the highest reproductive ability on this planet. It’s not just woman this is affecting, men are being sterilized as well. No one knows how long this is going to last. Could it be for life? People need to wake up and realize we are being exterminated.

Let’s talk football. These shots disrupt your immune system. You have 8 blockers on the line but 3 are paralyzed 10-20-fold increase in uterine cancer.

Dr. Ryan Cole, MD

Billions of dollars have been spent on advertising and promoting injections in the largest experiment ever imposed on humanity. Where are the billions to do autopsies to independently investigate post vax?

To watch the video, go to:

Dr Ryan Cole MD, (FCAP AP/CP/DP) speaks at White Coat Summit

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