The Dominoes are Falling

We get a lot of these writings sent in to us at Digging Deeper. This one is from an unidentified post on that social media company that start with an f.

We have entered a very dangerous time and dominoes are about to start falling that will change the security, philosophy and ideology of the world as we know it.

The first domino dropped last week when the Taliban took over the Afghanistan government and the United States government failed to respond and support the freedoms, we built for the people of that country over the 20 years we battled the faces of Terror in that country.

As our attention is now focused on getting our citizens and those people and families that assisted our nation out of the country in the most unorganized and misdirected operation in modern day military history. This is only because of the leadership in Washington and the White House, State Department and Pentagon are driving this failure to a disastrous end.

The next dominos to fall will take the planet to the verge of or actually push us into the Third World War.

There are four governments that are going to take advantage of the weakness and disorder in the United States government.

China will use force to reunite Taiwan, they see this as the best time to make the move and take advantage of the US not being able to focus on other strategic areas. They will use overwhelming force and secure the island after a valiant effort by the Armed Forces of Taiwan. When they get control of the island, they will gain access to all the hardware the US has provided Taiwan for its defense with includes the latest version of the F-16 in some cases these aircraft are more advanced than some of the aircraft in the US inventory, Aegis equipped ships, other radar, anti-aircraft and missile technology and drone technology.

Russia will move into Ukraine, Russia has been waiting to control this region for years to rebuild the buffer they enjoyed in the Cold War. They do not want a NATO country on their boarder and by taking control over Ukraine that gives them the buffer they are looking for and more regional control. This will also make other nations in the region fear possible invasion if they do not follow what the Russian government wants them to do.

North Korea, once China and Russia have moved to expand their territories North Korea will see the US stretched to impossible lengths and move on its goal to reunify the Korean peninsula. Knowing the US cannot possibly be everywhere at once it will use this to move south.

Iran, seeing the world on fire Iran will use this time to expand its influence and spread terror across the globe, sponsoring terror attacks in Europe, the US and other regions. With the world completely upended and the United States not able to assist all its Allies as these conflicts overwhelm NATO and other Security Partners globally the United States will find itself in a position that will the current President will relent and sue for peace at any cost, our closest Allies watching in disbelief as the US government has no idea how to handle the crises across the world.

At this point will anyone remember about a virus or a vaccine?

Will people remember the division that spread across the United States because of politicians and activists that made everyone hate each other?

Will anyone remember China has caused time and time again viruses over the last decade or more that have gotten worse over time and spread across the globe and killed millions?

Will anyone remember climate change when the world is exploding in conflict and millions are dying from war and famine?

Will anyone remember our government had become so divided after every election they needed to disrupt and force gridlock in Washington?

Will anyone remember the mistrust and divided sides we built over the years because we just could not work together and everything had to be one way period?

At some point we lost the fact that we are one family as a nation and it is okay to disagree but somehow that is not acceptable any longer. Eventually between us tearing ourselves apart, the coming conflicts and terror attacks that will spread across our nation we all have a very unsafe and uncertain future because of the leadership we currently have and the failure of people to see past lies and think for themselves.

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