#230 – YouTube Marxism

I know YouTube, owned by Google (Alphabet), is a private company and can censor whatever they want, technically. I get that, but they’ve crossed the line with many widely accepted practices that people will NOT give up. For instance, did you know that the first thing on their list that will get you a strike is … ‘encouraging prayer rather than going to the hospital’.

I heard a great sermon last week in Colorado Springs. See my podcast on The War Revival Machine where Pastor Mark says we Christians are too nice. We need to stop worrying and start speaking up.

If this country’s IT is going to be based on the suppression of prayer and other unconstitutional actions, then people will stop using them and find alternatives. We have. It was easy. Stop giving excuses why you won’t leave youtube or google. If you give up your freedom, you have nothing.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper.


Episode #230 on Digging Deeper with Brian Hale

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