#235 – Marxist Harassment at ASU Backfires on Failing BLM Activist

What an embarrassment to a cause. Most people don’t even know why they are supporting BLM.

She was offended because he was in her space? Most importantly, ‘he was trying to center himself’ in their space. He looked rather uncentered to me. He was quietly sitting on the end of table that was not itself centered, but she was absolutely irate, nonetheless.

I find it very interesting that I have 3 twitter accounts with more followers than she has. ??? Must not be a very popular or successful activist. Watch this video and you’ll know why. Our children are brainwashed nowadays.

In case you are not aware of this fact, Karl Marx was an atheist out to destroy Christian lives and the values of God, Family and Freedom. There is no place for Freedom in Marxism and there is certainly no place for ‘faith’. Marxism is PUSHED HEAVILY in publicly funded schools everywhere. How does that make you feel?

Our children are being INDOCRINATED to HATE one another at the COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES across America. What are YOU going to go about it? If you care, can you please share this podcast and story with others? Thank you. Let’s #STOPTHEHATE

source : https://bigleaguepolitics.com/breaking-asu-quietly-deletes-profile-of-blm-activist-seen-harassing-white-students/

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