#388 – Truman’s Matrix; Medical Kidnapping

There are stories out there that are unbelievable, then there are those that we just can’t believe, that exist only in Truman’s Matrix! You don’t know who’s watching who or who’s controlling you.

More Shopping Restrictions in Quebec

Quebec announces that the unvaxed are not allowed inside of large stores unless accompanied by a Health Warden that will monitor them so they do not purchase anything except for food and medicine.

They are forbidden from purchasing any other goods. Some stores are installing small plexiglass cuck chambers that the unvaxed must wait inside of until the Health Warden arrives to place them under surveillance.

Hospital administrators are using patients to cash in on COVID incentives

“This man, Ben Gord, has a car accident in Flagstaff, AZ where he’s banged up but fine.
Paramedics show up and immediately, against his wishes, inject him with a sedative.
When he wakes up, he’s alone and naked in a hospital bed on a ventilator, hooked up to a bunch of IVs.

He’s like “Hell, no!”, rips out the vent, needles, AND catheter, throws on a towel, and walks out into the hallway to the SHOCK of the guilty, murderous nurses.

When he demands to know why he’s on a vent, they tell him he has COVID.

When he demands to know what was in the IVs they finally tell him fentynol and morphine but refuse to tell him who authorized it. He knew right then they were trying to murder him.

It gets worse. This is his testimony of ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. $100,000 for each vent and then organ transplant, according to a nurse whistleblower on the Stew Peters Show. This is really sickening, people.”

Ben was also interviewed on the Stew Peters Show.

LISTEN to the full podcast with Stew and our reactions and analysis!

Transhuman 101: Moderna Declares COVID Vaccine To Be An ‘Operating System’

The Transhuman ideology is so terrifying that most people just cannot grasp its enormity. Transhumans fully intend to hijack the evolutionary process of genetic structuring in order to create Humanity 2.0. This means treating human DNA like computer code.

Documents obtained from Moderna reveal that the so-called vaccine being peddled by the company is actually an ‘operating system’. This startling admission confirms what vaccine skeptics have claimed – that COVID is about control, not a virus.

It won’t be lost on anyone who has done due diligence over this pandemic to see past the glib claims of paid-off politicians and compliant media that all is not as it seems.

To start, it is no coincidence that one of the key promoters of these new mRNA ‘vaccines’ is none other than Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates. Bill gave a Ted Talk where he boasted vaccines can help cut global population by 15 percent.

Yes he said cut population. How does that work – by deactivating these vaccine-implanted operating systems in us?

Well, psychopathic Bill couldn’t fix his Microsoft operating system to prevent endless computer viruses, so why should we trust him now that he is spearheading what is seen as a major step towards transhumanism. For those who care about what goes into their bodies, and those of their loved ones, see if you can detect something very sinister from what is being foisted upon a gullible public.

mRNA Technology To Be Applied To Other Diseases

Now that the human genome has been opened up for inserting synthetic mRNA modeled by computer programs, Transhuman scientists are expanding their reach to target other diseases in other parts of the human body. Direct DNA editing is already in the works as well.

The elites want to monitor your every move

Democrats Move to Adopt China-Style ‘Social Credit Score’

Many opponents argue that the move to overhaul the credit system is another step in the leftward march of Democratic House members. For example, among many other developments, House Democrats have supported a push to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for military service members after low vaccination rates.

Scientists Warn Wireless Radiation, 5G May Endanger Animals

Maybe PETA will stop the 5G roll-out. One can only hope!

Election Analysis by Seth Keshel

We now know that the election was stolen, and probably most elections in the last century. Seth Keshel is taking action and finding definitive proof. Here are a few factors he has found.

Flipped StatesBased on this data, if fraudulent votes are removed, Trump would have actually won these states:
PennsylvaniaMichiganWisconsinNevadaArizonaGeorgiaMinnesota, and thus retained the Presidency.
Potentially-Flipped StatesIt’s also possible that Trump may have won additional close-call states if there was additional fraud such as cyber-attacks occurring: New MexicoVirginiaColoradoNew JerseyNew Hampshire.
Close CallsThese states would still have likely been won by Biden, but may have been closer than what was reported: WashingtonOregonRhode IslandConnecticutHawaii.
Cleanest StateIowa
Mostly-Clean StatesIdahoWyomingArkansasSouth DakotaNorth DakotaMississippi
Worst StatesCaliforniaNew YorkNew JerseyArizonaWashingtonOregonMassachusettsPennsylvaniaMichiganWisconsinGeorgiaNevadaMinnesota

Keep up the good work Seth!

Convention of States movement hits historic milestone in fight to rein in federal power

For the first time in our nation’s history, 17 of the requisite 34 states have called for a Convention of States to rein in federal power, impose fiscal restraints on Congress, and limit the terms of office for federal officials.

Nebraska passed the Convention of States Resolution last week, which put us halfway to calling the first-ever Article V Convention of States.

We’re just getting started. Momentum is building in other states after our wins in Wisconsin and Nebraska. We’re also close in South Carolina, South Dakota, and Iowa, just to name a few.


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