#436 – When Faith Catches Fire; Day 1 of 5

Embracing a More Passionate Faith

Embracing a More Passionate Faith

God loves a heart on fire. There is something about fire, something that catches our attention and makes us want to stop whatever we are doing and draw closer.

Whether blazing logs under a living-room mantle or encircled by stones at a campsite, a fire quickly becomes the hearth, and heart, of a family or a community. It keeps people warm, illuminates their interactions, and becomes a focal point that brings people together.

And a fire is an ideal metaphor for passion, a burning and consuming force that is unquenchable. It is also a fitting image for faith. When belief moves from the mere mental assets to a deep, convictional belief, it does something powerful. Faith catches fire.

The face of American and global Christianity is changing. And Latino Christians are leading the way, not just by sheer demographics but also through their purpose, passion, and promise.

And there is much to learn about this fresh approach to a more soulful (soul-full) Christianity.

Their passionate approach is both vertical and horizontal. In contrast, non-soulful (soul-less) is either predominantly vertical or horizontal.

Soul-full faith is vertical, which means we look up to God, and it’s about God and His kingdom. Soul-full faith is all also horizontal, which means it’s about our families and communities.

We can learn a few key lessons from how Latinos embrace a more passionate faith. These include:

  • a deep conviction, almost simple assumption, that the only way to experience power in your life and ministry is by engaging deeply in practices of prayer
  • joy-infused singing and worship
  • a passion in preaching the gospel that is underscored by a sense of a prophetic immediacy and urgency
  • a powerful but natural merging of evangelism and compassion, of help and of hope, of giving people the gospel, and the kind assistance of a good neighbor

Feed The Fire: What parts of your faith are naturally passionate—and in which areas do you struggle to feel emotionally engaged? Do you want to embrace a more passionate faith?

Prayer: Father God, thank you for a revival that is sweeping the entire globe. I want to embrace a more passionate faith — a vertical and horizontal faith. Fill me afresh with the power of your Holy Spirit so that I can look up to you and advance your Kingdom as well as impact my family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and colleagues with your hope and your peace. Amen.

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