#440 – When Faith Catches Fire; Day 5 of 5

Unity is Not Uniformity

Unity is not Uniformity

As we learned yesterday, a united church brings joy and passion to our faith. But unity is not uniformity. It is not just some static state of being, but rather a powerful movement God is forming that is transforming a people to rise to places of service, opportunity, and identity.

There are several components and characteristics of this work of grace. The work of unity will arise and serve to better connect a currently fragmented church. We will begin by uniting the various branches of the Evangelical movement, and subsequently, we will see greater Kingdom collaboration between the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church, particularly on issues of life, religious liberty, and strengthening the core institution of marriage across the world.

The work of the Spirit toward more unity in the church will include stronger Euro-American-Latino relations. Denominations will become much more multiethnic and racially diverse or they will continue to diminish in size and influence.

When Faith Catches Fire, it also ushers in a movement with a passion for wholeness!

This will be a wholly healed, healthy, happy, and humble movement.

As a well-structured, theologically sound movement, it will engage people with the holiness of God (1 Peter 1:16), the healing virtue of Christ (1 Peter 2:24), healthy living (3 John 1:2), joyful living (John 15:11), and humble living (Luke 14:11; 18:14) where people emerge so blessed that they thrive and become a great blessing to everyone they know (2 Corinthian 9:8).

Feed the Fire: The Spirit of God brings unity and sets our faith on fire so that it shines for the world to see. How are you reflecting the wholly healed, healthy, happy, and humble movement of God?

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