#464 – Truman’s Matrix: Red Dawn All Over Again

Red Dawn All Over Again

Mindy Robinson: What The Hell Is *Really* Going On In Ukraine? [PODCAST]

With dozens of fake news stories being pushed out by the Ukrainian government and Russian news being banned across most platforms, it begs the question….is this war mongering just an attempt to cover up the crimes corrupt US government officials committed not only there in Ukraine but also here with covid?

US has funded Ukraine Lab Pathogen and Bio Weapon Research since 2005

A publicly-available document shows a $15MN agreement signed between the US DoD and Ukraine’s Health Ministry to support research into biological weapon research in Kiev, Lvov and Odessa.

The US govt provided materials and training for “cooperative biological research, biological threat agent detection and response, and improving biological material protection, control and accountability”.

Details were withheld from public disclosure, but “state secrets of Ukraine” were to be shared with the US Defense Dept.

Checkmate. Time to reveal what really went on there for almost two decades?

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that experiments were being conducted in American biological laboratories in Ukraine “with samples of bat coronavirus.”

They say that in 2022 they planned to work with pathogens of birds, bats and reptiles in order to create a deadly virus.

It is said about Anthrax and African Swine Fever.

Russia reveals evidence from US-funded Ukraine biolabs

Moscow believes that laboratories in Ukraine funded by the US military were making biological weapons components, but that local staff was being kept in the dark about their research, a senior Russian general said Thursday.

Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, who commands the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Forces of Russia, presented documents and imagery showing why the military has come to such a conclusion.

According to the disclosed documents, the US DoD’s Threat Reduction Administration picked several military labs to carry out studies of deadly pathogens (https://t.me/georgenews/3972) and financed them under the guise of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.

The labs experimented with bat-to-human disease transmission and isolated three bacterial pathogens – plague, brucellosis and leptospirosis – and six families of viruses, including coronaviruses.

Horrifying Russian Report: Ukrainian Biolabs Creating Special Bioweapons For Ethnic Cleansing [VIDEO]

Two weeks ago, bioweapons labs in Ukraine were a “Qanon conspiracy theory.” Now, thanks to Marco Rubio and Victoria Nuland, we know they’re real. But we still need a lot more details.

And right now we’re getting them – from the Russians. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, there is evidence that researchers in the Ukraine were working on creating special viruses that could be used to target specific ethnic groups, as a weapon of war or as part of a wider depopulation agenda. Now, that doesn’t mean everything Russia is saying is true. They’re in a war, and countries at war say all kinds of untrue things. Just look at Ukraine, or at our own military. But keep this in mind – until a few weeks ago, our leaders were denying the biolabs even existed.

Dr. Ariyana Love says she already knows what’s really going on with these labs, and says it’s more horrifying than we could ever imagine.

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