Nearly 10,000 Strong!

Will you help get us to 10,000?

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner has just over 9,000 followers and is making a big impact in the community as a leader in timely, accurate real-time news. Could you help us with our mission to spread the word about our live feed and up-to-the-minute facebook page?

If so, Please LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE this…

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner volunteers sincerely appreciate the over 9,000 followers on facebook!

We work hard to keep timely, accurate information in front of the community. Every word is not always spelled correctly, but our accuracy in the important facts is right on.

Brian Hale

We are a volunteer community service organization that provides a live broadcast of the police and fire scanner feed, several social media channels (facebook, twitter, instagram), a news blog, and our own website ( free of charge to everyone.

We would appreciate it if you could share this article, our website and our facebook page to your friends everywhere.

We are always surprised at how many people love to listen in that have moved away and are still interested in what’s happening here. Incidentally, the Scotts Bluff County Scanner ranks among the tops in the nation for consistent listenership per capita. Keep listening, keep sharing and encourage people to FOLLOW.

Brian Hale

For a conspiracy theory on how our facebook page disappeared instantly forcing us to restart a new page on August 19, 2018, we’ll add a link below at a later date! :o)

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