#485 – Vaccine War Headlines vol 22

Adverse Event Reports

1,205,753 Reports Through March 25, 2022

Judicial Watch: Records Reveal Fauci Emails about Hydroxychloroquine and COVID

 “Fauci’s agency is slow-rolling the release of documents about COVID, Wuhan, and gain-of-function research,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “At this rate, Fauci will be long retired before we get even a partial accounting for its activities.”

Fauci and Walensky Believe the Jabs Don’t Work Unless EVERYONE Takes Them

The belief system of those who are promoting the vaccines is the following: that the vaccines really don’t work. They don’t work unless everybody takes them. Every single last person, including every last little child, every baby, everybody takes the vaccines on a regular basis, continuously.

Dr. McCullough

Pfizer Hit List: Dr. Zev Zelenko Exposes Big Pharma’s Plan To Eliminate Opposition [VIDEO]

Doctor Zev Zelenko developed his own treatment protocol for handling Covid in the first days of the pandemic, a protocol he says had a perfect success rate, without requiring any kidney-destroying drugs or any experimental vaccines.

And Dr. Zelenko thinks that might put him at risk. He says he’s been receiving warnings that big pharma might have him and other dissenting doctors murdered by professional assassins.

Their strategy is to affirm the early treatment that we have been promoting all along. this coincided with the EUA to bring Remdesivir out of the hospitals and into the outpatient and pre-hospital setting, as well as repurpose the old HIV drugs.

WHO examining potential hearing problems linked to Covid vaccines

In a newsletter posted on its website, the international public health agency said that it has been made aware of sudden hearing problems, particularly tinnitus, or ringing of the ears, that may be associated with Covid vaccines.

As Athletes are Collapsing, Canadian Schools Are Passing Out Flyers, Promoting the ‘Mildness’ of Myocarditis [CLIP]

[In time, those flyers] will be right up there in the museum next to the pregnant woman smoking cigarettes, saying, ‘9 out of 10 doctors recommend this while pregnant.

Del Bigtree

Dr. Tenpenny: Hemorrhagic Fever Virus Being Threatened for the Next Pandemic [CLIP]

Dr. Tenpenny was interviewed by Alex Jones. She says that all the current actions of the health agencies point to a ‘new’ bioweapon attack. Beware of hemorrhagic fever!

MORE from Dr. Tenpenny on Transhumanism in our Article INFOWARS Transcription: Interview With Dr. Sherri Tenpenny [3/28/2022]

Italy Ends Covid-19 State of Emergency After Two Years of Authoritarian Rule

After more than two years of an authoritarian regime, Italy ended its state of emergency after it was introduced by the former premier Giuseppe Conte on January 31, 2020.

Starting today, the “green pass” is no longer needed for citizens to access public services but some rules will still remain in place.

Missouri Governor Compares Covid-19 to the Flu and Announces Endemic Phase Starting Today

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced on Wednesday that the state will treat Covid-19 like influenza and will transition to an endemic phase after two years of the pandemic starting today, April 1st.

During the press conference on Wednesday at the state capitol, Gov. Parson compared Covid-19 to the flu and car crashes and said that “the Covid-19 crisis is over in the state of Missouri, and we are moving on.”

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