Todd Callender Interview With Rick Wiles Of TruNews : New Details

Attorney Todd Callender sat down with Rick Wiles of TruNews to share evidence gathered from ongoing litigation in a Federal District court. The litigation is ongoing to protect active service members from vaccine mandates. 

In his interview, Callender gives shocking details into the behaviors of the government during the pandemic, and provides predictions on what’s next. The information resembles a sci-fi like fiction movie, but evidence provided points to a grim reality. 

A transcription of this interview is available here

The interview begins as Callender’s credentials are explained. He is the leading counsel in the Colorado Federal District Court case Robert VS Austin, which has continued to actively pursue legal protection for servicemen with exemption from mandates. Todd mentions he has had thousands of clients come to him for help. In the closing of this interview, Todd mentions a common theme among those who have asked him for help- “..out of those thousands and thousands- perhaps tens of thousands of people that came to us, almost all of them were christian … My point is, this is discernment. It’s like Matthew 13:38 and the wheat and the tears and it’s only us that have a relationship with God that we’re able to actually discern this.”

Callender then describes the topic of genocide and war crimes. He explains that the plan for this agenda has 3 primary goals : 

  • Elimination of property rights
  • Elimination of Borders
  • Depopulation

This is a genocide – it’s an intended one, the plan has been around for a long time. I’m sure you’re a student of the agenda for the 21st century. It has 3 primary goals.  The elimination of private property rights, that’s called communism. The elimination of borders, that’s called loss of sovereignty- and last, a massive depopulation of the planet. All 3 of those things are being accomplished by this same operation, and it is a genocide.   

Attorney Todd Callender

The lack of informed consent given to patients about the general assumption that this is even a vaccine, but rather gene therapy, is explained by Callender to be directly against the Nuremberg Code. The CDC has quietly changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to match the lack of effectiveness to prevent infection with these new products. Callender claims patients have not been made fully aware of the clinical trial aspect of imposing and mandating these shots on society, as the products are entirely new and never before used on a general population. On these topics, Calendar goes further to state that all of the test animals in trials died during phase 2. 

No informed consent whatsoever. All of those violations, everything our government has been doing, every government has been doing since this all started are war crimes. They are crimes against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code. So, how else are we supposed to take this? What made our commander in chief decide that a phase 3 clinical trial where all of the test animals died in phase 2- would be a really great idea to have all 1.8 million of our military members be participants in, to be lab rats in- all at the same time. What kind of strategic thinking is that? There’s no other way to arrive at this conclusion when you take into effect all of those different steps, all of those different aspects- that this a war on humanity.

In the next topic,  the DMED database is discussed. Increasingly high numbers of all cause morbidity is occurring within the military’s own medical data. The staggering claim of an increase of 1100% in excess death, even surprised host Rick Wiles.

So, we have the military’s own numbers from DMED before they fraudulently changed them. In 2021- for ten months in 2021, there was an all cause 1100% increase in mortality morbidity over 2020. 2020, the numbers didn’t change in mortality even though that’s when all the COVID crisis was supposed to happen, hospitals were overflowing- nonsense, mortality didn’t change. 

We know from the DMED database, the military’s database, which we are looking at because that’s our plaintiff class- that in ten months of 2021, so not even the complete year, all causes morbidity and mortality have increased according to the military’s own numbers by 1100%- one thousand one hundred percent, over 2020.

Callender states based on expert predictions, a 5000 % increase in death can be expected this year. 

If you look at the way that the charts go, and don’t forget I’m in the morbidity business, we underwrite accident sickness health and disability insurance. If you look at the forecast, that should be in the neighborhood of 5,000% increase this year.

Callender goes on to explain the early development related to HIV studies conducted by Anthony Fauci in the early 80’s. He claims they isolated the proteins from the HIV virus during an experiment on children and incorporated it into the COVID mRNA gene therapy injections. Callender also describes the technology behind the contents of the vials related to the ability to get the proteins past the body’s cellular defense. He states – “In order to get those lipid nanoparticles past your cellular defense, your body’s defense, they had to disarm your immune system and they did that, it’s in all the scientific papers. What they didn’t do is un-do that– -”

This can bring assumptions of the potential for the immune system’s ability to be turned back on- although those details have not been found and / or shared with the public as of yet. 

Quarantine facilities are mentioned frequently during the interview. Calendar claims the CDC has prepared the facilities to isolate patients in the event of another mass medical event, where the public will voluntarily seek refuge from a seemingly more dangerous pathogen. In his claims, he states the CDC’s goal is to terrify the population into willingly participating in these camps which will end up in possible death or slave labor. 

Now they’re starting to open up the FEMA death camps as I call them they’re quarantine centers under the intergovernmental agreements and you will note – and I’ll send you a copy of one- that the camps are not to discriminate for purposes of infectious disease, purposes of who gets quarantine and who doesn’t. They are not allowed to discriminate against people that are AIDS positive, HIV positive- because that would be the entire population of people that got those shots. Particularly the Pfizer or Moderna shots, we know that those are the HIV proteins that they put in there in order to disable the immune systems.

Adding detail to the lack of informed consent given to patients, Callender describes the deception surrounding the idea that these shots have gained FDA approval. He further explains the production problems in serious adverse events (SAE) which were known before the product was even introduced to the panel for approval. 

 So, there’s the infamous page 16 from the FDA’s own internal watchdog that listed out all the production problems, the serious adverse events that could happen as a result of approving the emergency use authorization. It was about a month before they actually made that approval, and they listed out every one of these potential maladies, including death, guess what- every one of those are what we’re seeing right now in that 1100 % increase number- whether that’s myocarditis, pericarditis, micro-clotting, irregular blood clotting, pulmonary embolism- you name it, it is all there and yes they’re all showing up as HIV positive and we’re seeing soft tissue cancers in particular that are just going through the roof. The rates are much higher than anything else quite frankly. So this was all known. Even the FDA knew this before they granted emergency use authorization.

They took the proteins from their work and discovery in the HIV studies, including all those little kids Dr. Fauci killed in New York- they isolated whatever that pathogen was, the gene modification was and they injected it into everybody that took the shots. That’s right. That’s called premeditated murder in the law.

In a more surprising disclosure given by the attorney- Callender explains the lack of payout life insurance companies are responsible for. He describes the payouts are predicted to be faulted under a clause of hazardous activity associated with knowingly or unknowingly participating in a phase 3 clinical trial. People who receive the gene therapy injections are likely not to be awarded any sort of life insurance payout due to these contract exemptions.

In all likelihood, they won’t pay them out. The reason why they won’t is two-fold. Number one, the margins are too thin in that business. You’re making a percent and a half or something like that when you’re underwriting this kind of risk. Secondarily- every contract like this, whether it’s morbidity or whether it’s mortality contracts having the exclusions that we’re not going to pay a claim if you undertook experimental therapy- and there was a case that came out, I guess about three weeks ago- it’ll be a landmark case, and a judge looked at this and effectively called the person who took the experimental shot, who died, called it a suicide and characterized it as a suicide because you knew or should have known that you were taking part in a highly dangerous activity called a phase 3 clinical trial and therefore you voided the coverage under the contract. The insurance company does not have to pay that claim. In fact- any insurance company that has that kind of provision in their exclusions and I can guarantee almost all will- will not have to pay claims.

Calendar mentions a landmark case in which a judge ruled the death as a suicide because of the willingness to participate in such an experimental and hazardous as receiving the COVID mRNA therapy. He mentions this case throughout the segment as he expects many people to be shocked by the ruling. 

The court specifically found that participation in clinical trials is so hazardous that it voids the coverage of your insurance contract. You should or should have known. They treated it for purposes of the law as a suicide. The court is saying participating in a phase 3 clinical trial is suicide. That’s the conclusion.

Callender goes on to mention the mass delusion appearing in society. He states the government’s willingness to cater to every need of those who need help has contributed to a relationship where those who blindly trust in authority are among the most who are damaged. He states-

You got athletes dying on the court or on the field. Everywhere in front of you, and yet- people can not accept the fact that this happened and I’ve talked to some psychiatrists about this, psychologists. The problem is this- the people believe their government would never do something like this to them- ‘The government takes care of me’, and in order for them to arrive at the conclusion that they are under attack is so disruptive to their belief system, that subconsciously they refuse even the notion of it, they won’t. No matter what, they’ll die. You’ve seen videos of people sick and dying saying ‘Thank God I got the vaccine’, they can not comprehend it- they won’t.

The lockstep motion of governments around the world points towards coordination with a commitment to motive and outcome. What can be seen as nefarious in nature, is also being used as an intentional manipulation of society to believe in the need for reform. According to Callender- the coordinated response arises from the 2005 International Health Regulations. The countries who take part in the global response are signatory to this treaty with the World Health Organization as a sole decision making power in the event of a health emergency. 

Shifting topic into ongoing crimes in the medical establishment- Callender is asked to elaborate on what he’s currently seeing in hospitals. He describes it as one of the bigger tasks he has been faced with. Many patients continue to need assistance in escaping hospital admission with dangerous and deadly protocols. Patients are described as being “battered” “kidnapped” and “starved”. Callender states he has many clients who have reached out to him for assistance in helping their loved ones escape these situations. He mentions Midazolam as a part of the toxic drug combination given in these protocols. Midazolam is a substance used in lethal injections for the execution of prisoners on death row in some U.S. states. 

Midazolam- so what happens, yeah, the typical scenario, someone shows up with a broken arm and invariably they’re given a COVID test. The ICD-10 coding process starts, ‘Oh i’m sorry, you tested positive’, they stick a needle in his arm with an IV bag full of Midazolam- and that is precisely what they use for lethal injections, and by the way- there was a shortage of Midazolam in 2019 and 2020 nobody could get it because the governments had bought it all up. That’s right, and then after that- they feed in some Remdesivir, some morphine, some fentanyl, and they starve them. That’s how this all works- and don’t forget the ventilator along the way. It’s the same story every single time, and who are the doctors that are doing it? It’s not like they don’t know. 54% of the clinical trial participants in Remdesivir died. They had to stop the clinical trials, who Fauci was in charge of by the way- and yeah this is what Fauci and the NIH and CDC are calling protocols for the treatment of COVID in a hospital? It could not be more clear. It’s blatantly criminal and the problem is nobody seems to care!

The Marburg virus as a potential threat has been widely discussed by experts and researchers in recent weeks. Callender gives a wide ranging explanation at a perspective which rivals anything heard before.

This isn’t just about COVID because the next shoe is about to drop, the Marburg bug. All of these pathogens are chimeric, they are part viral and they are part bacterial, and this was the magic of Fauci and Barrick and all these characters. They figured out how to merge them into one bug. So, COVID is a synthetic disease. It was created as chimeric. So when you treat COVID, you go into the hospitals- they wouldn’t provide any antivirals. They’d give you antibiotics all day, but that’s only covering half the equation.

The information he provides is remarkable in the regard to future plans towards the agenda which is being laid out in lockstep worldwide. Agenda 21 has the aim to eliminate borders. As Callender describes, the scientists behind the operation have no care in where territories begin and end when it comes to pushing medical emergency procedures on the public. He explains the lack of information regarding the synthetic viruses could emerge based on their chimeric qualities; thus, adding a need for mention of viral and bacterial infection treatments. Protocol ignores the two-type quality and neglects to provide for the viral aspects in antiviral medications such as ivermectin.

Callender brings the topic of transhumanism into the conversation with mention of the mRNA gene therapy potential for DNA manipulation. He guides the topic by referencing the case :  Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics within the U.S. Supreme Court. In this case, the Supreme Court holds statements claiming gene modification in patients is able to inevitably belong to the patent holders of the technology. This would create synthetic genomes as an asset for the companies who hold the patents. In simple terms- it’s possible the people who have received these injections could now be labeled as a different species altogether. Callender even states ‘homoborg-genesis’ is already established as the name for the alternative species from homosapien. 

They have synthetic genomes- they are a new species. In fact they’ve already named the species. They call them homo-borg genesis. You and I are homosapiens. And what is homicide? Homicide is the unlawful taking of a human being. How do you describe a human being? It’s defined as homosapien. So, what happens when you kill somebody that is homoborg genesis- who is not a homosapien? Is there a crime committed? If you shoot your dog in the head did you commit homicide? No. It’s a dog not a human. This is my concern as to where this goes- you want to talk about a slippery slope?

In conclusion to the topic, Callender states the effect of these potential new species could have a motive in the development of super-soldiers. He references North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s display in recent videos of super-soldiers performing various maneuvers in front of a crowd.

On the topic of Marburg- in the hemorrhagic fever family along with Ebola, Callender brings conversation to dangers of EMF radiation in 5G technology. In a longer portion of the topic, he describes how 5G can be used to manipulate frequencies for a desired outcome. In order to achieve these goals the 5G frequencies are adjusted up to 100gH. His claim is that these frequencies can be used to deploy the release of M-Proteins which would allow the Marburg proteins to be transmitted from vaccinated individuals into the public to affect primarily those who are unvaccinated. Further into his explanation, Callender describes how this would resemble an apocalypse of zombies. 

In closing, Callender urges society to take action. He recommends three courses of potential service. One is to hold our public officials accountable. With elections happening in November, our democracy must take a stand by using the power of our vote. Callender’s 2nd course of action is to put on the armor of God. He emphasizes the importance in understanding that in a point where we are unable to help ourselves, God will be the only one who can save us. Lastly, his final recommendation being that we must demand action against 5G technology and the removal of towers. He believes the EMF radiation is the primary tool which will be used in the coming phases of a new health emergency.

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