Why Wind Farms Cause Drought

We have reported on the extreme weather events and the fact that our government has been controlling the weather for years, creating the current climate crisis we are now experiencing. Here is another article that points out another way the policies of the Green New Deal has brought about the very climate change they have been crying about for decades.

by Solving Tornadoes – Confronting the Storm of Science Denialism in Meteorology, Storm Theory and Tornadogenesis

Wind farms destroy the pathways in the atmosphere that storms employ to become established:

Storms (all storms) involve the emergence of conduit-like structures (ie. jet streams, tornadoes) that transport energy from high (in the form of low pressure) and lift moist air up, one result of which being rainstorms. Starting from the jet streams that run along the top of the troposphere, these conduits grow downward to initiate storms. But they can only do this if the prerequisite factors underlying their growth are present. There are, basically, two prerequisites: 1) Long smooth distinct boundary layers between dry and moist bodies of air, and 2) Energy.

Here’s the problem. Wind farms introduce turbulence that destroys the smoothness, length, and distinctness of boundary layers between bodies of moist air and bodies of dry air and they remove (harvest) energy.

Are you convinced? No. I don’t expect you to be. Meteorologists have made such a mess of the science that there is little chance anybody can filter out the nonsense. Don’t take my word on it. Instead I suggest you take a look at the maps that show an unusually high degree of correspondence between the location and timing of the drought with construction of wind farms, especially in Texas and California.

Here are links to the maps so you can see for yourself: US Drought Monitor & Texas Windfarm Map

What is the difference between a Meteorologist and a climatologists? Just scale. Climatologists lie about things on a long term scale. Meteorologists lie about things on a short term basis. Beyond that they are identical.

You will never get anybody that has been paid to pretend they understand something they don’t understand to admit they don’t understand it.

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