By Lisa Armstead

Friends let’s talk….

The Government and Fauci want us to mask again. Can we discuss this?

First, you CANNOT comply your way out of tyranny. Compliance is what got us into this mess and thinking it will get us out of it, is complete insanity.

Second, it has been proven that masks don’t work.

Third, all the measure that the world took, just might be why so many children are getting RSV.

No amount of masking works, no amount of booster after booster works. Maskers and vaxxers are getting Covid at far greater rates.

I would like to say, you do you. However, this level of insanity has caused the mess we are in and it’s time to be the voice and example.

The elite were caught time after time not wearing masks, yet they asked you and your children to wear them. At some point we do have to acknowledge the truth, that time is now.

I will not wear a mask! I will not comply! I will not be complicit in this dangerous game they are playing. I will take it a step further…. I will not be around those that do. Yes, I did say that. I will not step into another’s delusion, it is theirs and theirs alone.

God told us not to fear, He gave us an immune systems for a reason. It’s time we take care of ourselves, get healthy and that does not mean playing this delusional game.

Faith without works is dead. I have put my faith in God and he has not failed me. We all have Heath issues, it’s time we fix those and not put a cloth over it and hide.

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