The Ugly Truth of BAAL-enciaga

Balenciaga is being hammered online after releasing a campaign with two young girls holding stuffed animals dressed in what appears to be bondage gear in an advertisement.

The ads featured the preschool aged models in Balenciaga gear, holding stuffed bears dressed in horrifying bondage get-ups.

Shoppers were shocked, horrified and infuriated, calling the images “frightening,” “creepy” and “wrong.”

But after many twitter users dug deeper they found other nasty images including one featuring a young boy and yellow caution tape labeled BAALENCIAGA.

But who or what is BAAL? Baal is a Canaanite and Phoenician deity. In artistic depictions and archeological finds, Baal took the shape of a bull or ram and had associations with fertility. Baal worship also included child sacrifice. Let that shed a little light on this matter!

Evil practices never go away. They simply evolve. In the end, evil must show itself.

There have been many popular voices out there that have called the fashion company out on their evil imagery. But other famous elite have been silent or lax in their condemnation.

Megyn Kelly is joined by Carrie Prejean Boller, mom activist and former Miss USA, to discuss the disturbing ad campaigns by Balenciaga featuring child sexualization and court documents about child porn, celebrities like Kim Kardashian staying mainly silent, the #CancelBalenciaga movement, and more.

But the fashion company’s dark undertones goes WAY FURTHER than this. In this clip, Glenn exposes just how EVIL this brand’s creative direction seems to be. But this isn’t just Balanciaga. In fact, this scandal mirrors a turning tide within society as a whole, which is why we MUST call it out.

Michael Knowles also sounded off about the scandal. The stylist that inspired the creepy pedo Balenciaga campaign has the creepiest Instagram history. She’s clearly got a thing for sexualizing children and satanic imagery. Things just keep getting worse.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson rips the sexual exploitation of children and the media for ignoring Balenciaga child ‘bondage’ ad controversy. He stresses that no healthy society can survive the sexualization of children.

Regardless of who shot the photos, who designed the set or who originally wrote the campaign, the company is ultimately responsible. It HAD to be approved by them before going live.

But here is an even bigger question: Whose children were featured in these photos and are they safe? If we really want to save the children, let’s focus on them.

We must not sit idle! Let’s make our voices heard.

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