Ugly Truth of Slavery, Rape, Control, and Abuse

A few names for Human Trafficking

By Brian Hale / Digging Deeper Media

Human Trafficking is the most misunderstood major crime in modern history.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and we feel it is our job to help as many people as possible understand exactly what Human Trafficking is.

That’s why we led with the title like we have above. Slavery. Rape. Control. Abuse. All four of those things are a huge part of Human Trafficking and these terms will hopefully help you understand it better.

Human Trafficking headlines are beginning to dominate news space;

From the Homeless in Madison | A City Challenged series

Young and trapped: Homeless youth and young adults ensnared in human sex trafficking

Alone and vulnerable, homeless youth frequently fall prey to human sex traffickers

After a hard life, teen wants to avoid homelessness, jail

There are more homeless people living on the streets right now, than anytime in American history. We should all be ashamed and want to do something about it. Homelessness leads to vulnerability, which leads to being trafficked.

The reason we included the video from the Oklahoma State Superintendent, Ryan Walters, is because there is a tie between indoctrinating and grooming our children in the classroom and what happens on the street. Desensitize the children with sexually immoral freak shows in their libraries, and they will go on to do freak show type things in life. Is that what you want? We do not. We think it is dangerous and inappropriate and we join you Mr. Walters!


We MUST continue to fight for our children before these demon possessed people ruin their lives. Thank you Mr. Walters.

If you’re wondering what we are talking about, watch the video below. The teacher in the video below is Aaron Baker. Listen closely as he nearly whispers how tragic life is at school when it comes to the bathroom situation (they created).

Our children are in danger as long as sexual deviants are influencing them all day.

P.S. on the B.S. – Any of those teachers like to comment below? Feel fit, if it’s not too long of a walk.

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