Cattleman’s Corner : Campbell Mauchan – Offline Synchronicity

Offline Synchronicity

Now here’s Nelseena Lehmann with Campbell Mauchan talking about livestock management software from Agriwebb.

The fact that it works offline, I think that has got to be one of the greatest draws to this, because so many programs and apps don’t work unless you’re online. So this is not just cattle, it works for several species.

Nelseena Lehmann, Cattleman’s Corner Host

That’s exactly right, and I guess I couldn’t agree more with your first point. We found that a lot of our customers would be writing down records because they were offline, and then they had to sit at their computer at the end of a very long day, as you might well imagine, for most ranchers, and enter it into the computer. And that was such a barrier. So that is one of the first features we built, that and the ranch map. But yes, it works across multiple species, we really focus on red meat production, everything from cattle, sheep, bison, deer, you name it, we’ve got customers using it to manage their operations. And I guess more specifically, our focus is on your cow-calf and backgrounding operations here in the US. Obviously, there’s some incredible software out there for feedlot management. Our focus is really on those cow-calf backgrounding operations.

Campbell Mauchan, Agriwebb

We’ll have more with Campbell Mauchan on future episodes, but that’s it for The Cattlemen’s Corner. Thanks again for listening and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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