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Using Her College Training in Everyday Life

Join Nelseena on The Horseman’s Corner as we get to know our guest, Oklahoma horsewoman Sarah Donahue.

Hello and welcome to the horseman’s corner. I’m Brian Hale, sitting in for Howard. We’ll have our host, Nelseena Lehmann and our guest Sarah Donahue on right after this from Howard.

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I have with me today Sarah Donahue from Wakita, Oklahoma. Sarah is an accomplished horsewoman. She’s a mother, she’s an educated lady, and she knows a lot about Standlee horse feed. Please, Sarah, tell us a little about yourself.

Nelseena Lehmann, Horseman’s Corner Host

So I grew up down in southern part of Texas, and then I went to Texas tech for college and I graduated with a degree in animal science with an emphasis on business. And then I’ve got a minor in agribusiness management and an equine science certificate. So a whole slew of things right there that I’m really some days I’m not quite sure what they really mean, but I figured out that I do use them in my everyday lifestyle. While I was at college, I was on the Texas tech equestrian team and I was on the horse judging team and had a lot of really great opportunities to continue.

A passion that I started when I was very young, when I was about three years old, is when my dad went into the army reserves and he went off to basic training and my mom did not know what to do with me. She found the ad in the paper for reintroductory lesson. And so by the time that my dad got back from basic training about six weeks later, I was cantering because I was doing English at the time. I was very fortunate the next year to get my first pony and evidently it just took off from there.

Sarah Donahue, Wakita Oklahoma Horsewoman

That was Sarah Donohue on the horseman’s corner with our host Nelseena Lehmann. We’ll have more with Sarah next week. That’s going to do it for this edition of the horseman’s corner, but there’s more on the web at Thanks again for listening and may God Bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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