All Charges Dropped Against David Marez

Controversial Tattoo Artist Left Standing Tall

The original headline read “Scottsbluff Tattoo Shop Owner Charged In Alleged Armed Assault“. The article stated that Marez was up on some serious charges; two counts of Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony; 1st Degree False Imprisonment; Terroristic Threats; and 3rd Degree Domestic Assault. That was then, now here’s an update…

Hello, this is Brian Hale with Scotts Bluff County Scanner News. When it comes to controversial characters in the community, I don’t think anyone tops the list over The David Marez. You know, the one who caused all the controversy by painting the mural on East Overland? Some of you may know him as the tattoo artist that ran for city council. Well, David’s back in the news again today, but this time it’s for good reason. In fact, you may have heard about the trumped up charges against him recently, which in the end boiled down to disturbing the peace.

LISTEN to our interview here! Bottom line : all charges have been dropped. Here’s a conversation we had recently about his case.

Interview with David Marez

[transcribed by getwelder app]
…It shows the body cam like Officer Jackson chasing me down the street, yelling at me, disturbing my peace, making fun of me because I’m on food stamps. So they did eventually look at the video. Yeah, okay. So when I went to court, I plead not guilty and asked for a jury trial. They gave me Bill Peters.

Bill Peters comes up to me on October 14, said, hey, Marez, they’re going to give you $100 fine. I go, no, you pay it. He goes, Why? I go, Because I’m not going to pay it. I go, in fact, you need to have the charges read to me. And I want specific charges because Disturbing The Peace is so ambiguous, I need to know exactly what I did so I can have a defense. What are they charging me with? So we go to the courtroom. Bill Peter goes. Your Honor, I talked to my client. He refuses to pay the $100. He wants to go to court.

January goes, well, okay, it’s set for trial. So then I leave the courtroom. I go, hey, Peters, I got video evidence, you want to see it? He said, no, I’ll see it next time we go for motion of discovery. I go, okay. So we go for motion of discovery, and then I tell him, okay, we’re going for jury trial, right? He goes, no, we’re not going for jury trial. I go, Why not? He goes, Because you didn’t do the paperwork. It takes ten days. I go, that’s your job. He goes, no, it’s set for bench. He didn’t ask for jury. But I have, because I have the paperwork that says I asked for jury trial from Judge Mickey. So I asked for a margin report. So I told the judge, your honor, I understand that it’s my right to have counsel, but it states effective counsel. This man is not doing anything that affects my case. In fact, I have to prove my innocence to my attorney. And he told me straight out that my voice and my face on my tattoo, on my face, is enough to bring charges. I go, that right there. I’ve never had an attorney tell me that. I go, now he’s saying that I can’t use my video because the state don’t have video. So the judge looked at him and he goes, that’s the state’s problem. He goes, if he has video, let him use the video. And he goes, are you asking for jail time? And he asked the district attorney, and the district attorney said, yes, your Honor. So Jamie Warden goes “Marez, you need an attorney. I would just go with him. If you have a video, just give him the video by the end of Friday by 04:00.” So I said, okay. I finally showed my attorney the video 02:00 on Friday by 04:00 that Friday, it was dismissed. Okay? So when I asked for the witnesses, because now I want to sue the witnesses, you know, on court and civil court, you know, so I get the witness themed, and one of them is named a girl named Roxanne Fleck. Okay? So I go talk to Vicky Morana today, and then she goes, Fleck? Is that Tim’s? And I go, oh, that’s funny. They even mentioned Tim because the cop mentioned Tim is Tim Flick. You know him? He goes, yeah, he’s a state trooper. I look up Tim Flick on Facebook, and it’s Roxanne, his wife, the same lady that lied about me. Okay? That lady needs to be charged for falsifying police report and for disturbing my peace. Look how quick that man was charging me. He goes, Well, I don’t know. You don’t know because of who she is or because of her husband. Now I know why I got pulled over the other day on the highway by state patrol. I never, ever get pulled over by state patrol. All of a sudden, I get pulled over by state patrol. Then I get pulled over by the gaming police. Someone needs to know. And I got this video. I still want to show the video, and then I got charges brought up. Man, if I didn’t have that video, it would have been here would have been the headline. Local tattoo artist David Moreez arrested once again for assault on the Department of Housing Human Services to women. Mr. Mores has also been arrested for previous charges. They would have brought up all everything, you know what I mean, for 2019, 2016, everything, bro. And now here I am. No one wants to talk. The the district attorney said they didn’t want to talk to me. I’m like, hey, what about charges being brought up against them? This is a very serious crime. Oh, it’s not that serious. No, it was serious. And that you guys are charging me with it. This is falsifying evidence. But they’re just not going to talk to you, so just expect that. Oh, I know that because you were so quick to make me out to be a monster. Yep. Yeah, I know. This is good. Good job. Congratulations. And way to thank you. Way to keep it above board. And, you know, you when people have a target on your back. You got to work extra special hard to keep your head up. So keep it up, man. The best thing to do the lot, the legal thing to do would be to have your own attorney. Not Peters, because he’s a defender. You’ll have to hire your own attorney to pursue charges against them. Okay? Discriminated against and falsely accused. And I still kept my head up. That’s right. That’s right. No. So all right. Yeah. Well, good job.

That was Scottsbluff businessman David Marez. You may not hear about this in the other news media headlines. Again, all charges have been dropped, but for more information, go down and visit with David yourself at his tattoo parlor. We did, and have on several occasions. Indeed, he’s got a gruff, loud voice, a tattood face, a ton of personality, a loose vocabulary (Rated M for Mature) and he won’t hold anything back, but he’s alot different than most people say he is, once you get to know him personally.

Get Marezmerized… and DON’T judge a book by it’s cover. (or it’s tattoos)

That’s going to do it for Scanner News. Thanks again for listening, and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

Note : This article has been edited after careful consideration and feedback from faithful friends. My statement remains, “As long as the main stream media in America continues to FAIL to do their job properly, we will continue to call them out, locally and nationally.” Getting approval from the police before you can print a story and threatening us with a lawsuit if we share a facebook post IS NOT investigative journalism.

We know the truth is sometimes ugly and hard to listen to, especially when it offends someone. We find it impossible to ignore, even when it exposes our own weakness. We understand that we are not perfect in any way, when in fact we are sinners saved by grace through faith.

We stand for the TRUTH, not political correctness or religiosity, and we understand we can’t please everyone.

Sometimes our attitude makes one wonder about our faith. We hope that helps you to explore your own.

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