Horseman’s Corner : Sarah Donahue – Ranch Riding

How She Got Started in Ranch Riding

Join Nelseena on The Horseman’s Corner as we find out how our guest, Oklahoma horsewoman Sarah Donahue got started in Ranch Riding.

Hello and welcome to the horseman’s corner. I’m Brian Hale, sitting in for Howard. We’ll have our host, Nelseena Lehmann and our guest Sarah Donahue on right after this from Howard.

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If you’re not keeping them fit on a regular basis and trying to go back into the reining for just an occasional show or two, it gets a little difficult at times. The ranch riding was a perfect mix for a gelding that had been shown a lot, especially in the reining where they start to anticipate. It was able to help me keep his mind fresh and get myself back into the show pen, which is something that I was dying to do while I was in college. So that’s kind of how I got into the ranch riding, because you’re taking that ranch horse, something that we’d actually use and putting it in the confines of a show pen and evaluating how well does this horse guide? Does it transition well? What kind of gate does it have? Is that something that you really want to go gather cattle on all day? Or is it something you’re just trying to get through a pattern with?

Sarah Donahue, Wakita Oklahoma Horsewoman

That was Sarah Donohue on the Horseman’s Corner with our host Nelseena Lehmann. That’s going to do it for this edition of the horseman’s corner, but there’s more on the web at Thanks again for listening and may God Bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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