Horseman’s Corner : Sarah Donahue – Equine Photography

A Passion for Equine Photography

Join Nelseena on The Horseman’s Corner as we find out how our guest, Oklahoma horsewoman Sarah Donahue fell in love with equine photography.

Hello and welcome to the horseman’s corner. I’m Brian Hale, sitting in for Howard. We’ll have our host, Nelseena Lehmann and our guest Sarah Donahue on right after this from Howard.

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I have with me today Sarah Donahue from Wakita, Oklahoma. So you have another passion. Your photography is really phenomenal. And that’s how I met you, is through your photography business. So tell me about that.

I really appreciate hearing that because some days when you have your own business, then you’re always going to doubt yourself to an extent, but you push through those doubts. So hearing your thoughts on my photography means a lot to me because, truth be told, I bought my first camera in 2015. I moved to Oklahoma in 2016 and they moved me from Texas to Oklahoma. I did not know a single person here. One of the things that I’m going to say kept me sane and while I was making friends and developing relationships here was that on the weekends or after work, I would saddle my horse up and I would take off and ride the dirt roads of Grant County. And I would capture images of the cows and the horses and everything in between. Really getting to know my camera, really getting to know my subject. I’ve been able to identify here in the last year or two. That where I want to grow my business is I want to focus in on the equine western lifestyle photography and graphic design.

Sarah Donahue, Wakita Oklahoma Horsewoman

That was Sarah Donohue on the horseman’s corner with our host Nelseena Lehmann. That’s going to do it for this edition of the horseman’s corner, but there’s more on the web at Thanks again for listening and may God Bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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