Cattleman’s Corner : Campbell Mauchan – Vaccination Data

How does the app handle vaccination data?

Now here’s Nelseena Lehmann with Campbell Mauchan of Agriwebb on how the app handles vaccination data.

You actually get that Drench or that injection, that inventory item created in aggregate. You get a cost against it, you get the batch numbers, whatever information you’d want to have, you get that in one time. And then as those cows come through to shoot, you can either scan their ear tag and pull up what we call their baseball card, or you just enter in their visual ID. As you either scan their tag or enter their visual ID, you get to see some really interesting information. If there’s been past problems with that animal, any past weight history, things like that. But we’re actually already recording that treatment in the background, so you’re not having to type anything in. You’ve just told that right at the beginning, I’m doing this, but particular treatment and every single animal that you enter is going to get that treatment, have it logged against their history, and if needed, it’ll apply that holding period and actually tell you when they’re actually able to be moved off the farm.

Campbell Mauchan, Agriwebb

We’ll have more with Campbell Mauchan on future episodes, but that’s it for The Cattlemen’s Corner. Thanks again for listening and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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