Hazel Camacho Found Safe

17 year old admits to running away and wants to clear the air

Interview with Hazel Camacho

(SCOTTSBLUFF, Nebr) — The Scotts Bluff County Scanner was notified by family of Hazel Camacho that she was missing and they would like some assistance in bringing her home at 5:30 pm MST, Saturday, January 28, 2023.

After verifying the information that she was an official missing person through the National Center for Exploited and Missing Children, we acquired her official poster and placed the notice on the Scotts Bluff County Scanner Facebook page at 5:51 pm MST.

Within the first hour, much information came out. In fact, so much information that we felt we needed to get to the bottom of things before posting any rumors or partial stories, or course.

In just over 24 hours we were able to get the facts for the public so that they can relax knowing this ‘Missing’ seventeen year old is safe and should be classified as a willful runaway with contact with her case worker. She is a ward of the State and plans to make her court appearance in Box Butte County in February.

We recorded this interview with Hazel and she asked that it be played in it’s entirety. Her goal is for people to not worry about her. She is willing to face the consequences of her actions.

Missing Persons sponsored by awesome Joe Hessler at Auto Plaza, Inc.

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