SCANNER RECAP March 3, 2023

HIT AND RUN by a BNSF truck at Monument Car Wash captured on video. SBCO Scanner Photo shows the damages from the under 5mph wreck.

Photo of damage caused by wreck less than 5mph.

Cops watching a guy walking on East Overland high on opiates…

We had multiple (mva) motor vehicle accidents; 20th and Avenue I for an injury accident, East Overland 4 patients minor injuries. Witnesses said It was so slow, but big damage, and there was a rollover accident Hwy 26 near CR 11 in the early morning hours.

Sympathy card and Prayer Plant was delivered to Sloans. Thank you Jen at J&S Bloomin Co. and thank you Marci for volunteering to make the personal delivery on behalf of the Scotts Bluff County Scanner community.

Thank you to all who follow and share!

We are now reaching over 100,000 different readers in a month, and we set an all-time high for scanner listeners this past week.

Remember, scanner traffic is not the final story until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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