Bob and Veda Proctor

They are in heaven watching over us.

Laci Fleming, granddaughter

In honor and remembrance of Bob and Loveda Proctor of Aurora, Nebraska

Robert and Loveda Proctor had been missing since January 11th, 2023, and never returned home.

The following story was created by following this case closely and is adapted directly from accounts of their granddaughter, Laci Fleming. We pray for her and her family, as well as everyone who poured their heart into this search.

Timeline of Events

On January 11th at 4:10 pm, Bob and Veda Proctor left their home.

They went to the Aurora Coop to fill up with gas in their Blue 2007 Chrysler Pacifica at 4:19 pm, then left for Grand Island, Nebraska.

Note : Bob “felt like hell” so he had Veda take him to the Grand Island VA Medical Center, arriving there at 4:55 pm.

As Bob walked up to the VA with the assistance of his walker, he was approached by a doctor who offered immediate care. Bob was complaining of pain, dizziness, weakness, and “everything felt dry.” Doctor notices that Bob appears very weak, is pale/grayish in color, and is slow to respond to questions. After assessment, the doctor determined Bob required emergency attention and had 911 called.

Note : The VA Medical Center closes at 5:00 pm, so they decided to transfer Bob to the St. Francis Emergency Room.

At 5:35 pm, Bob was transferred via ambulance, and Veda was instructed to follow in her Blue 2007 Chrysler Pacifica.

Note : Veda has glaucoma and has a hard time seeing at night.

Unfortunately, Veda wasn’t able to follow/keep up with the ambulance for unknown reasons and gets lost. She ends up going the opposite direction and seeking help on Vine Street. Thankfully, a kind, good samaritan gives Veda directions to St. Francis ER.

Upon Veda’s arrival at St. Francis ER around 6:15 pm, Bob has been diagnosis with an acute cough and notes no weakness, but that Bob is adamant about going home.

Bob is discharged and they leave at 8:04 pm.

St. Francis states that they are aware that Veda has problems driving at night and got lost on her way to St. Francis from the VA Medical Center.

Veda attempts to drive them home in the dark and heads west on Faidley Avenue from St. Francis.

Video footage shows Veda turns south on Webb Road around 8:15 pm.

They aimlessly drive around searching for Aurora,  Nebraska.

Absent any cell phone, smart watch or vehicle response devise, combined with glaucoma and dementia, it appears Bob and Loveda Proctor simply got lost.

They reportedly arrive at a home in Giltner and ask for directions, specifically to Aurora, between 10:00 and 10:30 pm.

Please note it should  take around 30 minutes to get from Grand Island to Giltner. 

Video footage shows Bob and Veda arrive at a stop sign in Giltner at W 6  Road and South H Road.

Veda turns south onto South H Road and arrives back at the stop sign around 10 minutes later.

Laci and her husband drove south on that road and discovered that at almost exactly 5 minutes, driving at Veda’s pace around 35-40 mph, the pavement ends, and the road turns to gravel in all directions. This tells us that Veda knew NOT to take gravel at this time.

After Veda and Bob returned to the stop sign after 10 minutes, they turned East on W 6 Road at 10:25 pm.  It’s been reported that they stopped at another home outside of Giltner on W 6 Road, however, there is no video evidence to support this.

Video footage shows that Bob and Veda stopped at Pump & Pantry on Hwy 6 in Hastings, NE at 1:02 am on (1/12/23). Bob got out of the vehicle  attempting to go inside, but the door was locked.

Bob and Veda stopped at a Cenex gas station on Hwy 6/34 past Hwy 281 in Hastings. It was reported they were there around 1:15-1:35 am.

Video footage shows Bob and Veda at a roundabout on Hwy 6/34 by Adams Central School going west at 1:39 am on (1/12/23). Although we can not read the license plate, we believe it was them.

The Proctors were located approximately an hour West of their home in Aurora.

Bob and Veda were never officially seen again until found March 11 at 3:15pm by a citizen who spotted a stranded vehicle on an unmaintained road just north of E. 100th St and Keystone Road, northeast of Kearney, Nebraska – some 57 miles west of their home in Aurora.

Our sincerest condolences to the family

A 1011 NOW Press Release confirms fears about the elderly couple’s demise.

The Aurora Police Department worked tirelessly around the clock. We can feel their hearts aching as they constantly have Bob and Veda on their minds.

Adventures with Purpose is an amazing group of very caring men.  They search water sources with top of the line equipment to help families locate missing loved ones. They also helped spread the word nationwide by posting and going live on their Facebook with 1.6 million followers.

The Nebraska State Patrol and several other Police Departments are doing everything they can to help us as well.

The Civil Air Patrol also assisted in the search.

Several friends and family members continue search efforts. There are undoubtedly others who worked hard to get us answers as well.

Laci writes, “We deeply appreciate the help we’ve received as well as all the prayers and well wishes.”

More kind words to remember them by

Bob and Veda are felt in our hearts every single day.

Grandma, being the matriarch of the family, taught us the importance of being strong, independent individuals while remaining kind. Her organization skills are impeccable. There’s rarely a thing out of place. She’s frugal and careful. Grandma Veda is creative and artistic.

She’s always had all the answers. She always knows what to say, whether you want to hear it or not. She’s beautiful and very caring.

Grandpa is the proudest veteran, he loves this country so much that he served 21 years for us. He can build anything and fix everything. He loves his family so hard and would do anything to protect us. He’s a listening ear and a should to cry on. He’s a social butterfly with the best laugh. He has the biggest heart. He taught us to enjoy life, but to work hard and never give up. He gives the best hugs and the sloppiest kisses.

Grandma and grandpa have ALWAYS been there for our family in tough times, as well as the best of times. They are the most supportive, loving people. I’m so proud they are my grandparents. They’ve never given up on us, we’ll NEVER give up on them.
This weighs heavy on our hearts. The unknown is the absolute worst. Thank you, every single one of you for the prayers, support and the most generous assistance. We’ll never be able express our gratitude, but know it means the world to us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Editors Note : Thank you, Laci, for allowing us to share your amazing grandparents with us all. It’s an honor even in the worst of circumstances. May God Bless you and your grandparents entire clan.

Bob Proctor was a 4th Degree/Patriotic member of the Knights of Columbus!

Rest in Peace Bob and Veda Proctor.

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