SCANNER RECAP March 18, 2023

Stunning Eagle photo by Landen Brunz, used with permission.

Photo by Landen Brunz

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eye witness accounts are often unreliable.

Around 2 a.m., Minatare Fire got called out to a vehicle hitting a power pole. It was a DUI, and get this… a Red Chevy Avalanche! … but it wasn’t the Red Chevy Avalanche they were looking for with 39-…. plates.

Valley responded to a call at the Cigarette Chain on East Overland for an individual very intoxicated. He has fallen several times and is now injured. Treated and transported. Police seem to be familiar with the individual.

Beware of Prowlers!

Don’t be alarmed, just play it smart. Lock your doors and secure your outdoor property. A citizen recently reported someone suspicious walking into their driveway on 5th Avenue.

Another trusted member of the scanner community reminded us all of how many times she has warned people about strangers walking the neighborhood at night. This is serious business. Be smart.

Lock your doors and secure your property.

Follow up on unconscious female suffered a seizure and was postictal when valley arrived on scene. Report given to ER, patient was still lethargic.

Fight in Progress Ridge Rd one person has a baseball bat.

Something going on behind Addison Avenue. Man in a ditch with injuries. A woman also. Possible more in the vehicle.

Partial trauma 25 year old male. Said he fell into a ditch. We thought we heard a car in the ditch with others in the vehicle. Was this a different call? This one may get some follow-up. We’ll pull the archives and relisten.

Gray Pitbull with green collar found on South Beltline West by the curve. Traffic later indicated they located the owner.

Possible theft from vending machines at Hotel 21. Suspect left in a white truck.

Possible disturbance on L Street. Several 911 calls coming through.

Verbal disturbance in Melbeta.

Possible trespass in Terrytown. Verbal dispute between mother and daughter.

Not sure which disturbance, but someone heard yelling, officer responded, and it was someone yelling at a video game they were playing.

Large backyard fire reported. Called in as intentionally started, with some added gasoline. (What was he thinking?) Minatare Fire responded. Fire was extinguished rapidly, but it sounds like the fella was not so cooperative with the first responders who just saved his property. Traffic indicated Minatare PD responded as backup.

Speaking of Minatare… look at this amazing photo sent into us by Koby Johnson! We are blessed to have such talent in the Valley.

Minatare Nebraska Water Tower photo by Koby Johnson, for Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

We have a local report of texts from a bank claiming unusual activity asking customers to click a link to verify… NEVER CLICK A LINK when receiving an unsolicited email or text! Contact YOUR financial institution directly if suspicious, but NEVER CLICK A LINK when unsure. Just make the call to your bank.

Thank you to the concerned citizen who alerted us to this local scam.

Screenshot of a typical bank text scam

SCANNER MEETING! Monday, April 3, 2023

Anyone interested in learning more or joining the team is invited to an informational and organizational meeting on April 3rd in Scottsbluff.

The Conference Room is Reserved for us at The Hampton Inn Monday night 7-9 pm.  It’s a room for 100 and will fill up fast!

We will open with a prayer, then a video presentation, and introductions after that. Several of you will be invited to sit on a panel to answer questions pertaining to your area of expertise and experience. We will be contacting you with details if chosen.

Monday April 3rd 7-9pm

Registration for the event is free and will be available on our website or by sending an email to

Seating is limited to 100 total, so register quickly once it opens!

Emergency Preparedness with Bob Hessler

We will be holding a CERT training March 31 & April 1. The training will be at the Public Safety Building at 18th & Ave B. The cost is free and meals are provided . The training Friday night starts at 6-10 and Saturday 7:30am – 7:00, long day but a lot of good information.

If interested send me an email at

As small business owners, we are dedicated to local businesses in the Panhandle. Anyone, anytime you see this logo, please comment with your favorite businesses with tags, links, logos, etc. It’s FREE and reaches alot of people each month.

Dedicated to local business in the panhandle. Anytime you see this logo, post your favorite businesses with tags, links, logos, etc.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Listen anytime

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