Winner of Prime Rib Dinner Announced!

We asked scanner followers to share a baseball story with us if they wanted to qualify for two complimentary fundraiser tickets for a Prime Rib Dinner.

Tickets were provided by Twin Cities Baseball to Scotts Bluff County Scanner for the giveaway in support of their fundraiser at the Weborg Center Friday Night in Gering.

Anytime our youth encounter trouble, adults tend to say, ‘The kids don’t have anything to do.” Well, here is YOUR chance to STEP UP to the PLATE and enjoy a mouth watering meal while SUPPORTING youth activities.

Get YOUR Prime Rib Dinner and support Twin Cities Baseball for just two $20 bills! That’s $40 a plate (Food + Support for Youth) Contact them today to reserve your place at the table.

Our Winning Entry

My grandfather was on a traveling baseball team MANY years ago around the Trenton/McCook area. It was he and his brothers on the team – he had 13 siblings! I grew up with baseball, and the day my son stepped onto a baseball field, I knew he was where he was supposed to be! Watching Gering Baseball and Softball is one of our favorite pastimes!

Jeane Suhr Anderson
Historic Photo submitted with winning entry.

Congratulations, Jeane! We have selected you as our winner of the Prime Rib Dinner tickets for two!

Several of our scanner Insiders and followers have played, coached and even umpired Scottsbluff and Gering Baseball and Softball. Thank you for sharing the historical photo!!


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