SCANNER RECAP April 8, 2023

Baby Delivered by EMS, Man Jumps from Moving Vehicle, 911 Hangups, Animal Complaints, Alcohol Runners, and much more, every day on Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable.

When we post an alert, it is Scanner Traffic UNTIL we have investigated the incident enough to write a news story with verification directly from the source whenever possible.

Our goal is to inform the public of the truth in a manner that reduces panic to a minimum. We can not help the fact that some people panic anytime something sensitive is posted. We also have some folks who get upset if we don’t post breaking news. Remember, we take time to verify, verify, verify so that we will continue to be the most accurate, not necessarily fastest, news source for LOCAL news.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable.

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More traffic stops as Scottsbluff Police run a traffic campaign for distracted driving.

Call 911 if you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood.

In Other Scanner Traffic . . .

Note : timestamps listed below represent the moment it’s heard by our Insiders and relayed to the group for verification. The actual time of the event, or that given by dispatch may vary from our timestamps below.

9:08 am – Morrill, location of the train accident yesterday, doing a burn off. They have to burn the straw out of the drainage ditch.

9:26 am – Deputy requested to go to RP’s house; she has a court order stating she needs to give her kids stuff to them. She wants Deputy to come get the stuff.

10:54 am – Male says he has video of someone trying to break into his car at 9:30 am this morning.

10:56 am – Pappas Blvd. RP (Reporting Party) bitten by a dog yesterday and wants to speak with an officer.

11:35 am – Kansas vehicle failing to stop by Gering.

12:07 pm – Non injury accident @ Ave I and W Railway.

12:26 pm – 2000 block Ave I. Non-injury accident.

12:34 pm – CR G and CR 27. Fire from yesterday flaring up.

3:42pm – E 14th St, dog in custody. A dog, not the ‘Dog’.

3:58 pm – Shoplifter from Walmart. Black track suite long hair. He is near Sonic now. Bottle of Vodka and Captain Morgan.

6:04 pm – Possible disturbance 800 block of 5th Ave.

6:23 pm – 31st and Ave I non-injury accident

6:31 pm – Cattle complaint Stegal Rd. 1 cow out.

7:06 pm – 911 call hangup. Female crying in the background. Needs to send police. She said, “Oh God, I don’t know what I did.” Dispatch asked if she hit him with her car, and she hung up.

7:13 pm – Male jumped out of moving vehicle, area of 16th and 9th. Cancel medical, refused transport.

7:18 pm – Woman fell, 6 in cut on head heading to hospital

7:36 pm – Walmart shoplifter loading a bunch of groceries in their car. Getting a citation for shoplifting.

8:24 pm – NSP was called to Hwy 385 for a speeder. Sounds like they got arrested for more, likely drunk driving.

9:05 pm – 2 miles south of Sidney junction. Rescue was called out. Female was going into labor and had her baby. Mom and new baby are being transported to RWMC.

9:38 pm – Male shoplifting from Walmart. Stole bottle of liquor. Individual running from police. Possibly ran into Sonic. Hispanic male black pants, white tennis shoes, black hat.

9:47 pm – Suicidal male on East Overland.

9:48 pm – Physical disturbance East Overland in the trailer court.

10:49 pm – Rescue call Mitchell 77 year old male needs help out of bath tub.

11:46 pm – Narcotics violation

Nebraska Mile Marker Map

Mile Marker Map


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Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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