What is News?

We know there are a lot of people hurting over the Bayard incident yesterday. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

We wrote a factual account based on scanner traffic, but we decided to pull it down at the request of a family friend. We sympathize with you, our people, over every death in the community. We are truly sorry to have to bring bad news when it strikes. Our best posts are by far the good news events that happen.

Unfortunately, some folks still believe news is only news if it’s approved by ‘authorities’.

Media that is controlled by the authorities is WHY this country is in utter turmoil.

Our original story contained simple facts from actual scanner traffic, but was so upsetting to a grieving friend that we decided to pull it down.

It was upsetting because the manner of his passing may be incorrect, as in all initial scanner traffic. In fact, it may not have been an actual ladder fall. That was simply the initial scanner traffic.

We will leave all further details to the authorities and their investigation.

Thank you for understanding how difficult it is to serve the public and that these decisions are not easy.

We exist to discover the truth.

The challenge is in presenting it to an often-unforgiving public that is constantly looking to bring others down.

The truth is mighty important, but tact and delivery can make or break the story.

Our heart is to lift others up, based on Ephesians 4:29, not the nonsense some people attempt to accuse us of.

The truth that a man died in a fall was not lost to us pulling the story.

The truth was not compromised, manipulated, or hidden.

Anyone accusing us of doing so does not know us and our 30+ years of media experience, and therefore, is not welcome in our community.

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