#215 – Integrity at Scotts Bluff County Scanner

Integrity : doing the right thing when no one is looking.

This is a scanner update on the Madio drama that involved another facebook group in town. (not ours)

I am very encouraged and affirmed in my selection of our current volunteer scanner management team consisting of Kenny Smith, Broadcast Manager, Joann Paramo, Social Media Manager, and Andi Hale, Contributor, primary because of the integrity of this group.

We face alot of tough editorial decisions everyday… what to post, should we comment, is it confirmed, does is help keep the calm or does it do more harm than good, do we have an obligation to print it or to hold it… lots of challenges every single day in the News business.

Not everyone has the editorial or common sense judgement to know when to say something, or when to keep your mouth shut and your keyboard off.

We do our best to consult each other and talk through anything controversial before posting it. Our goal is to inform the public, not to alarm them. We do our best to bring you the truth as quickly as it is proper.
We believe uncertainty causes panic and drama, which is not in anyone’s best interest. We avoid drama whenever possible.

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner community is and should continue to be a citizen driven cooperative effort to do just that. Inform, advise and calm the public.

This current crew is incredible and I trust their decisions, but I am especially supportive of the integrity of Joann Paramo when she called to advise me of a situation on another local Facebook group and to make me aware that she has absolutely no interest in keeping any information from the police department regarding a relative of hers.

She said, “He made his bed, he’s gotta sleep in it. I fully believe he should be held accountable. I have grandbabies, there’s no way I would let him anywhere near me. Are you crazy? No way.”

I told her I thought she should call the police and she agreed. She said she has nothing to hide.

Then, just before she called, three patrol cars showed up. She let them search and answered all questions and they were satisfied she was not hiding anyone. They were, however, noticeably disturbed by the unnecessary attention these rumors brought. The police and Joann both felt they might have found him if there hadn’t been so much drama.

Not everyone has the editorial or common sense judgement to know when to say something, or when to keep your mouth shut or your keyboard off.

Thank you to the scanner community that has learned over the past 12 years that criticizing and complaining does not help the community or the police, fire or ems to do their job. Rather, I am very proud of the conduct of the scanner community. This had nothing to do with our group, beyond the false accusations of Joann Paramo hiding something or someone.

I am so grateful to have volunteers with integrity who are willing to take the hit and stand tall. Thank you Joann. – Brian Hale; founder/admin

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