#214 – Facebook BUSTED for Pushing Sensationalistic and Divisive Content

In case you missed it (ICYMI), this constitutes federal election interference.

Facebook employees were well aware that a change to the platform’s algorithm could elevate political divisiveness and outrage, according to company documents viewed by the Wall Street Journal.

There is nothing funny about this, but in today’s backwards society, I guess I have to call something funny… the funny part is that facebook (the most visited platform in the history of the world) was worried that they weren’t getting enough attention, so it rigged the system. Don’t you find it a little hilarious that #1 has to cheat?

Actually, it’s ea$ily explained. It’s called click-bait. You may have heard this term. It is the inappropriate sensationalization of content (often misleading or outright untrue) in order to get clicks or other engagement, like comments and shares.

Remember, facebook and any other free-to-you-to-use plaform makes money based on user engagement. It’s all about the click$.

Any good investigator knows to ‘follow the money’.

Facebook developed a system to grade a post, a grade that would influence how much the platform would promote it. A “like” equaled one point, while reactions – including angry emojis that would sprout up on stories about controversial topics – accounted for five points, according to the Journal.

Listen to my podcast on this for more from the The Wall Street Journal report!

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