#261 – Questionable Response (and subsequent apology) from Medical Center Hospital

This podcast has become a progressive podcast. As new information flows, the podcast grows.

Update #2 : MCH has changed their friendly tune and is now under State Investigation.

Update : CEO Russell Tippin offers a heartfelt apology to the family. (audio included)

This is a follow up report on the response from the medical center where the now infamous plastic bag over the head occurred in Odessa, Texas. The weak response they gave was not only that, absolutely weak, but it was also very deceptive. It’s weak because they feel the need to resort to FEAR tactics, throwing the FBI card around is pathetic.

IF, there WAS a real bomb threat against the hospital, there would have been a lockdown until the all clear signal was given by the SWAT and/or Bomb Squad, right? So, either one of two things is true; either there WAS NO BOMB THREAT or CEO Russell Tippin FAILED to protect his patients from a real bomb threat.

Then, for a moment, let’s just suppose it was real. Don’t ya think they would have a suspect and all kinds of stories on finding out who made these NUMEROUS terroristic threats against a hospital? After all, the FBI was notified, right? Terroristic Threats are a FEDERAL CRIME and the FBI would automatically investigate that… IF it were real, right?

LISTEN IN as I systematically rip their pathetic statement apart.

source : https://www.cbs7.com/2021/10/14/medical-center-hospital-releases-statement-photo-showing-patient-with-plastic-drape/

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