#283 – Tom MacDonald’s BALLOONS are Raising Mental Health Awareness

Millions know his name and even more have heard his music that is shaking up the music industry, but very few people know Tom.

Tom MacDonald may be the most mis-characterized artist of all time. Everyone has an opinion formed before they get to know the man.

Tom MacDonald is both BROKEN and UNBREAKABLE in the same breath. Most of you will not understand this, but if Tom reads it, he’ll understand. Those of us with similar issues get it. We know how it is to achieve such highs and lows, sometimes all in the same day.

Tom MacDonald is helping people around the globe that are suffering from Mental Health issues. His first patient is himself and he has completely opened up his life to be examined by the world. Writing undeniably awesome lyrics is his passion and for him, it’s therapy. Mustering up the energy and emotion to recreate these videos from songs written in the past is HARD WORK and shows how authentic his emotional state at the time really is. Tom and Nova work 16-20 hour days non-stop, but he doesn’t tell you that to impress you or get sympathy. He tells us SO THAT we will UNDERSTAND how important WE ARE to him and Nova. Without his fans, he says I AM NOTHING.

On a recent livestream, I told Tom about our podcast that we did called, “#157 – Haters are Obsessed With What They Do Not Like by Tom MacDonald” and he took the time to reply live and mention it. LISTEN TO HIS REPLY HERE He even commented further and we agreed that haters sometimes spend an enormous amount of time and energy on things they do not like, rather than focusing on what they do like. Tom said he has never seen or heard anything that made him want to interrupt his day just to hate on someone or something. We think he expresses that through his music and lyrics.

This podcast brings overdue attention to Mental Health issues and we will continue supporting Tom MacDonald in everything he does (except for the f language dialect) so that his music can bring peace to others around the globe. Don’t take my word for it, just watch BALLOONS or WITHDRAWALS on youtube and read the comments. You will see hundreds of lives improved by his music and his message. We hope it affects you the same positive way.

Be sure to SUPPORT Tom MacDonald and his message for the world by visiting his website at http://www.hangovergang.com

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