Day 4 – Extreme Mustang Makeover at Dark Horse Training Center

January 21, 2022 – EMM Mustang Day 4 (Video 1/2): Started the session off by roping him! After he settled in a bit I attempted to put the halter on as I thought he would be a little more comfortable with me on either side after our session yesterday but he needed a refresher in that so we worked on him letting me touch either shoulder for a while. He likes me to be right in front of him where he can see me. He will let me touch his sides with the flag but if I try to physically move on either side he still gets pretty anxious. So after we worked on that for a while he was comfortable enough to let me put the halter on. We worked on leading like a normal horse then some lunging. He’s really looking to me for his source of comfort and safety but it’s borderline in a clingy way right now. He simply doesn’t know where those boundaries are just yet but we’ve got plenty of time to work that out. You can see when he doesn’t want me next to him he tries to move his head on top of mine to get me back in front of him. This is a dominating move that he’s not allowed to do, so I block him with my elbow when he tries it. Obviously overall I am very pleased with how he’s progressing I just want to make sure we are not skipping any important steps/issues just because he already trusts me so much.

EMM Mustang Day 4 (Video 2/2): He is pretty good about letting me touch his legs with the flag with the exception of the inside of his hind left leg. We have been working on this a lot but he still kicks out a bit in that area. So we worked on that quite a bit today and he did much better. We also worked on lunging in the halter which is a different feel for him from the neck rope. Other than the constant snorting he did great.

EMM Mustang Day 4 (Photos): Got his halter on today! Struggled a little with letting me on either side of him (he wants me to stay out in front where he can see me) so we had to work through that first. Then after the halter was on we worked on leading like a normal horse!

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