#364 – Vaccine War Headlines vol 12

Adverse Event Reports

1,053,828 Reports Through January 14, 2022

The courts are inconsistent

Federal District Judge Blocks Biden’s Last Vaccine Mandate on Federal Employees

Judge Jeffrey Vincent Brown upheld a suit from federal workers who are refusing to be vaccinated against the COVID virus.

“The motion is GRANTED as to Executive Order 14043. All the defendants, except the President, are thus enjoined from implementing or enforcing Executive Order 14043 until this case is resolved on the merits.”

After Supreme Court decision on covid “vaccines,” Carhartt says employees still need to get jabbed anyway

In a letter to the company’s associates, CEO Mark Valade explained that the SCOTUS stay on Biden’s OSHA mandates “does not (emphasis his) change Carhartt’s mandatory vaccination program, which went into effect on January 4th.”

“We put workplace safety at the very top of our priority list and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling doesn’t impact that core value,” Valade added, using careful spin to make it sound as though the Supreme Court does not care about workplace safety.

“We, and the medical community, continue to believe vaccines are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for every associate and even perhaps their households. While we appreciate that there may be differing views, workplace safety is an area where we and the union that represents our associates cannot compromise.”

Supreme Court sides with continued mask tyranny on airplanes

After being filed with Justice Neil Gorsuch, who handles emergency applications that arise in several western states, an urgent application to put a stay on the Biden regime’s federal mask mandate for air travel has been shot down by the Supreme Court.

With no comment or noted dissent, the justices simply denied the request, which means that air travelers will be required to continue blocking their breathing passages with cloth or plastic in order to fly.

Michael Seklecki had filed the application on behalf of his four-year-old son who has autism. The boy is medically unable to wear a mask, but thanks to Joe Biden, there is no longer any exemption available for him to travel by plane.

Airman Files EO Case Against Air Force Officials After Facing Discharge and Loss of Retirement for Saying No to Biden’s Unconstitutional Vax Mandate

An airman who worked for 19 years filed an EO complaint against the Air Force commander and surgeon general after his religious vaccine exemption was denied twice.

According to the complaint, both Gen. Anthony Cotton, commander of the Air Force Global Strike Command, and Lt. Gen. Robert Miller, Surgeon General, have violated federal law, DoD policy, Air Force policy for discriminating against one’s constitutionally protected 1st Amendment Right to freedom of religion by unlawfully denying a request for religious exemption.

Those trying to get to the truth are silenced

Doctors who disagree with the official covid narrative are now declared mentally ill and required to undergo psychiatric evaluations

A physician in Maine who has been practicing for 25 years recently had her license temporarily stripped and is now being forced to see a “board-selected psychologist,” all because she was caught prescribing hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Dr. Meryl J. Nass, who was first licensed to practice medicine in Maine back in 1997, reportedly had her license “immediately” suspended for 30 days after the Maine licensing board investigated alleged “complaints” about Nass’ use of FDA-approved, but politically incorrect, drugs for treating the Fauci Flu.

The medical establishment is NOT in the business of saving lives, and will punish doctors who try

Vitamin K could offer protection against severe COVID-19, study shows

While zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D have been getting a lot of attention recently, researchers are now pointing to another useful nutrient: vitamin K.

This fat-soluble vitamin is already well-known for its role in blood clotting, and that’s why it could have a protective effect against COVID-19 given the virus’s ability to cause blood clotting degradation of elastic fibers in the lungs.

In a Preprint study, Dutch researchers suggested that people with severe COVID-19 may have low levels of vitamin K. They wrote: “Coagulation is an intricate balance between clot promoting and dissolving processes in which vitamin K plays a well-known role.”

Their narrative continues as public begins to see the lies

Dr. Fauci Hopes COVID Vaccine Is Approved Soon for Children Under 5-Years-Old

Dr. Anthony Fauci says he hopes that authorization comes within a month, but adds it may take a bit longer.

He says the timeframe is up to the Food and Drug Administration.

Right now, kids under 5 are the only group the FDA hasn’t approved a COVID-19 vaccine for.

“Fauci says FDA could authorize Pfizer’s Covid vaccine for kids under 5 in the next month.” Fauci speaks for Pfizer. Who will speak for the children?

WHO Chief Scientist Rocks The ‘Jab The Kids’ Narrative To The Core In Just Over 90 Seconds [VIDEO]

While continuously promoting the COVID-19 jab to all adults, the Biden administration has also sought to get the youth of tomorrow to take the plunge as well. But that agenda has come under heavy criticism as data showed the COVID-19 drug does little to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Still, that hasn’t stopped President Joe Biden and the Democrats from pushing the jab on the American people and children as young as 5. Not backing down from their original COVID-19 strategy, the Biden administration’s narrative continues to crumble as the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist recently discussed the jab and how there is NO evidence showing healthy children need a booster at all. 

Speaking about the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential uses of the government-approved drug, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan admitted that the main focus should be protecting the most vulnerable. But the doctor didn’t stop there as in the video below, Swaminathan revealed that there is no reason a healthy child should be getting the COVID-19 booster. 

No evidence that kids, teens need Covid boosters

The WHO is not the only health authority that has advised against frequent COVID-19 booster injections. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) warned that repeated boosters every four to six months could tire out people and eventually weaken their immune systems.

Pfizer’s COVID vaccine causes miscarriages, stillbirths

After initially being denied, the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency finally gained access to documents containing Pfizer’s data on their COVID-19 vaccine, revealing that the big pharma company received over 150,000 reports of serious adverse events, including miscarriages and stillbirths, within three months of vaccine rollout.

What is especially concerning about the data found are the number of pregnant and lactating women who received the shots in the first few months of the rollout. The data states that of 270 “unique pregnancies” exposed to the vaccine, “nu outcome was provided for 238 pregnancies,” leaving only 32 with known outcomes. Out of these, 32 known outcomes, 23 resulted in spontaneous abortions (miscarriages), two premature  births with neonatal deaths, two spontaneous abortions with intrauterine death, one spontaneous abortion with neonatal death and one pregnancy with “normal outcome.”

In mid-2021, Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors previously explained that there is a known potential mid-pregnancy fertility risk with the use of the vaccine. He acknowledged that while getting COVID-19 has been associated with a high risk of mid-pregnancy miscarriage because “the placenta fails,” he noted that the vaccine may do the exact same thing.

“It’s lunacy to get this experimental vaccine if you’re a young female,” she said. “It’s that simple … I would flat out forbid any young female from getting this vaccine, and I think it’s very unethical for any physician to offer this to a young female.”

Hospital administrations won’t budge from the ‘profit-filled’ protocols

MN Hospital Announces Murder: Mercy Hospital Doctors Plan to Kill Scott Quiner

Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Anne Quiner shared shocking news about her husband.
Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota is currently ‘caring’ for Scott Quiner, Anne’s husband. Following protocol, the hospital had placed Scott on a ventilator in the vascular care unit. This is when things become sinister.

Anne was informed very recently that she needs to sign papers both releasing the hospital from liability and agreeing to place her husband in a comfort care unit, disconnecting Scott from the ventilator and taking him off of the medication that the hospital provided him in order to treat his Covid.

Anne Quiner refused this insane request. She returned the next day to see that the hospital was going to go through with it, despite not having the consent of the wife, and even continuing to do this after the wife came with a prescription given by another doctor that would treat her husband more effectively. The doctors involved with this, Dr. Else and Dr. Soucie essentially mocked the doctor that had given Anne the prescription, calling the doctor a fool. Slyly, Dr. Soucie had told Anne that “had her husband been vaccinated, this would not be an issue”. Just evil.

Attorney Thomas Renz stepped in to fight the protocols, a Texas hospital agreed to take his case on and a constitutional sheriff, James Stewart, an Anoka County Sheriff who abides by the constitution, is responsible for the initial decision that will set the criminal investigation into motion.

Update: Mercy Hospital Execution Plan Failed! Eyes Opening and Legs Moving!

It’s been almost a week since Scott Quiner was rescued from Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota and flown to Texas to be treated by a doctor who isn’t eager to kill him.

Drugged & Vaxxed Against Will: Hospital Holds 33 Year Old Paramedic Hostage

Over the last week, Stew Peters Show has been covering an epidemic of death care at Mercy[-less] Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Thanks to the show’s audience, Scott Quiner was saved, but his case was the tip of the iceberg.

“Dozens, hundreds, thousands of hospitals around this country have lost their minds in the grip of the Covid frenzy,” Stew Peters said Wednesday. “And it’s not just happening in blue or purple states. It’s happening in states that voted for Donald Trump by 30 points.”

On Wednesday a mother named Machaela Hughes joined the show to share an insane story about how her healthy, 33-year-old son Charles, who works as a paramedic at St. Mary’s Hospital in West Virginia, has gone from first responder, to unresponsive, after being taken hostage by his employer.

According to Machaela, it started with him feeling ill at work with a mere headache. For this he was prescribed antibiotics and steroids, then he started having a hard time breathing, then he went to the hospital, then he was given two Covid tests, and even though they came back negative, St. Mary’s told him he had Covid and refused to let him leave.

St. Mary’s then held Charles hostage in the ICU, which caused him to have a panic attack, increasing his heartbeat and making his breathing problems worse, which then gave the hospital an excuse to place him on a ventilator and dose him with Remdesivir.

Charles has been in severe decline ever since, including his hair falling out, and the doctors continue to drown him with paralytic drugs, which have given him at least one heart attack.

“You are man, you are fallible, you’re not God,” Machaela Hughes told Stew Peters. “And he’s like ‘well I know that, but he said if I don’t do this your son will die’ and I said ‘you have been telling me that he has been dying and is on death’s door for forty-something days now!’”

The Hospital Killed My Daughter: Down Syndrome Teen Given Dangerous, Deadly Drugs

The Stew Peters Show has been focused on how abusive hospitals are mistreating, killing, torturing and executing unvaccinated Covid patients who come into their care. We’ve been following Scott Quiner in Minnesota and Charles Hughes in West Virginia. Well, here’s another.

On October 6th of 2021, 19-year-old Grace Schara was admitted to Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Appleton, Wisconsin with COVID-19, showing negative for blood clots through CT scanning.

Grace had been receiving appropriate doses of ivermectin when she began facing Covid symptoms on September 28th, but with decreasing oxygen saturation levels, Grace’s family felt it was best to visit St. Elizabeth’s.

The attending Emergency Room doctor suggested that Grace be admitted to the hospital for 3 days, potentially a week. Grace’s father Scott was by her side standing as an advocate for her medical rights when he was removed from the hospital by an armed security guard that Sunday.

Grace’s family had refused ventilation five separate times, trying to prevent hospital protocol from dismantling her chances of recovery. The hospital, in retaliation to Grace’s family refusing ventilation, decided without consent from the parents to label Grace “Do Not Resuscitate”, prescribing her high doses of morphine and multiple sedatives.

The high morphine dosages were combined with Precedex and Lorazepam, which according to the warnings on the prescribed morphine packaging, should never be done.

Scott, Grace’s father, shared his deep confusion regarding the hospital’s treatment methods during an interview with the Stew Peters Show on Thursday.

He and his wife have come to the conclusion that the ineffective and dangerous treatment methods of St. Elizabeth’s were conducted as a money grab.

The hospitals receive incentives from Covid reimbursement programs to treat patients – both with positive and negative Covid tests – with dreaded protocols utilizing ventilation, Remdesivir, and in cases like Grace’s and others, morphine and heavy sedatives.

“Lorazepam and morphine – all within a thirty-minute window – sounds like something somebody would take to intentionally kill themselves,” Stew Peters said to Mr. Schara on Thursday.

Mr. Schara shared that these drugs, when used in combination, create a foundation for respiratory distress and heart failure, and that the hospital could have simply treated his daughter by prescribing oxygen.

Confirmed: Doctors Intentionally Killing Unvaxxed, Deadly Formula Repeatedly Used

On December 9th, 4:00 a.m., Rita Kroon lost her husband Burt Kroon in Mercy Hospital, Coon Rapids. Burt was admitted to Mercy on November 26th, with both Rita and Burt testing positive for SARS-Cov-2, and with neither of them being vaccinated.

Rita Kroon joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to share another harrowing story of neglect from the same hospital which almost successfully killed Scott Quiner.

Rita told Stew Peters that through the course of 10 days, Burt had lost 15 pounds due to the attending nurses withholding all fluids from him; he quickly became malnourished. Kroon’s family was only allowed to visit him once, five days before his passing, and once again after he had already passed.

For the Kroon family, the fight was lost as the staff and nurses at Mercy Hospital prevented Burt’s recovery.

“These people are intentionally killing unvaccinated people,” Stew Peters told Rita.

Rita told Stew that she was “left out of the loop all the time on what they were doing.”

“People need to understand that this is happening and that these are not isolated incidents,” Stew Peters said Monday. “What the media is dishonestly not reporting is that this is happening to thousands of people, including Burt.”

Flood Of Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols

On Friday, the Stew Peters Show was joined by Dr. Jane Ruby to continue the conversation of murderous hospital Covid protocols, the uprising in hospital custody cases, and the medical facility reform that is required to make hospitals safe again.

Through the Covid treatment protocol, the patient is given remdesivir, heavy sedatives, and put on a ventilation machine to allegedly increase the patient’s chances of survival and recovery. The protocol has shown quite the opposite, and the numbers of individuals who die from the protocol are steadily increasing.

“American hospitals used to be the last best hope for any of us, to save our lives,” Dr. Ruby said. “Stew, people need to understand that the Biden administration is incentivizing these hospitals”

Dr. Ruby was addressing how American hospitals are having to choose between funding or utilizing these protocols.

“These hospital administrators are running for-profit businesses,” Stew Peters told Dr. Ruby. “This is murder for money.”

Over the course of the pandemic, these protocols have had plenty of field time – their aftereffects and benefits being evaluated and analyzed.

Stew argued that doctors and physicians can no longer claim to be ignorant towards the effects of these protocols.

Proof: Docs Know They’re Killing: Fauci’s Deadly Remdesivir Had 50% Kill Rate in Ebola Trial

Remdesivir is an essential ingredient in the Covid treatment protocols of hospitals around the country. However, like many CDC-directed Covid interventions, it has been poisoning patients, killing their chances for recovery.

The World Health Organization openly stated that there is not enough evidence to know if is a helpful treatment and that instead it may cause kidney failure, therefore it should not be used for any Covid cases.

Hospitals Killing For Organs, “This is Absolutely Evil And A Crime Against Humanity!”

An anonymous whistleblower nurse contacted the Stew Peters Show this week after seeing the Scott Quiner attempted medical murder case unfold. This particular nurse works in case management and is in charge of her hospital’s discharge plans and medical records in the state of California. Despite being a part of the Medical Industrial Complex, This Stew Peters Show whistleblower decided it was time to come forward with the information she has found.

In an email sent to the Stew Peters Show, the whistleblower stated:

“I am an RN working in case management at _______ Hospital in California, and I know why the hospitals are killing their own patients.” Upon receiving this nurse’s horrific findings, The Stew Peters Show was able to get this whistleblower nurse to come on the show and answer the tough questions about the connection she found between the use of deadly Remdesivir, Vancomycin, and organ donors.

In the email, the whistleblower stated: “There is a link between the hospital deaths and organ harvesting in the state of California…Every patient’s license is in their medical records, and they can tell if they are organ donors or not.”

Life Sharing is an organ donor company, and this whistleblower nurse believes that many, if not all, of these Covid patients who were killed by the deadly effects of Remdesivir and Vancomycin were purposefully killed because they had Life Sharing reference numbers.

She then submitted dozens of images documenting her most recently expired patients, all of which had Life Sharing reference numbers.

She went into detail about one in particular: “On admission this patient was given 1250mg IV Vancomycin with a diagnosis of acute renal failure, never once was it sepsis nor was there a fever that was reported/charted plus given another 500mg IV vancomycin the following day. Vancomycin is a powerful antibiotic that will kill your kidneys. Patient passed away within two days.

This patient was murdered! Then this patient’s body was sent to Life sharing. I’m so disappointed with my fellow healthcare colleagues and this stuff is absolutely evil and so against our licenses, morals and crimes against humanity!

The Nurse Whistleblower stated: “I now have patients who are getting new hearts and organ transplants in 3 weeks … it usually takes years…. A human heart is worth 1.4 million, the whole body is worth 65 million dollars. Organ harvesting is a huge industry.”

And yet the lemmings continue to follow

Majority Of Democrats Support Fauci, Quarantine Camps, Fines And Prison Terms For Unvaccinated

“Twenty-nine percent (29%) of Democratic voters support temporarily removing parents’ custody of their children if parents refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine,” Rasmussen reports, while Nearly half of Democrats, 45 percent, would like the government to involuntarily detain unvaccinated Americans and have “federal or state government require that citizens temporarily live in designated facilities or locations if they refuse to get a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Of course it doesn’t help when celebrities like Stern wish death to those who don’t agree.

Dr. Bryan Ardis agrees that this form of Covid treatment is “premeditated murder”, and joined the Stew Peters Show on Monday to detail exactly what’s causing patients to die so frequently in our pro-death hospitals.

Since May of 2020, Dr. Ardis has been working relentlessly to shed light on the Fauci trials that condone the utilization of Remdesivir, but also show the drug has been harmful to patients.

Dr. Ardis condemned the corrupt behavior of Big Pharma figures, and outright accused Dr. Fauci’s NIH of being “complicit.”

According to Dr. Ardis, Remdesivir has been the single most supported drug for Covid treatment during the pandemic, and it causes acute kidney failure, multiple organ failure, and death in heart cells.

“The malnourishment, the withholding of the fluids,” Stew pointed out, has led to recovery being nearly impossible.

Howard Stern Rips Unvaccinated Americans: ‘In My America,’ All Hospitals Would Be Closed To You — ‘Go Home And Die’

Was Peter Daszak Working For The Central Intelligence Agency?

Bill Gates: Future Pandemics, Reducing the Population & Tracking Vaccines

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