Day 9 – Extreme Mustang Makeover at Dark Horse Training Center

January 26, 2022 – EMM Day 9 (Video): Started the session off with repeating the rope work we did yesterday on his cinch areas…..he was much more comfortable with it today! Then we worked on his feet and practiced more groundwork. Introduced the stock whip at the end as well….nothing seems to scare him when he’s with me!

EMM Day 9 (Pictures): Today we accomplished picking up both front feet without any rope work first! I’m still using the rope on his hind feet, he’s not kicking at me anymore, he just doesn’t want to hold them up for very long and gets fussy about it. He should be over that in another few days but we are moving at his pace so if it takes longer then it takes longer. We also did the rope exercise around his belly again and he was way more comfortable with it today!

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