#507 – Mission Possible; Day 2

Light in the Darkness

Mission looks different for everyone. It might take you into the darkness on a rescue mission to those being human trafficked. It might keep you home in your neighborhood, breathing life and spirit into your children or neighbors.

When you are mission-driven, you use your ability and God’s empowerment to help, serve, guide, teach, pray, and lead others in innumerable ways as unique as each person’s DNA. Doing that is mission possible because of who equips and walks with you in the process.

Here’s a surprise for you: mission is not really as mysterious as we make it out to be. And it’s more available to you than you ever imagined.

Have you ever been going about your daily life when suddenly, out of nowhere, your heart is drawn to a need or toward a person who might be struggling? Maybe an image of a cousin who is battling an opioid addiction pops into your head, or you think of the single mom in the neighborhood struggling to balance remote learning with her work schedule, or you remember a social media post about a certain organization that is helping orphans in another country. The world is flooded with hurting people and messed-up situations. While we cannot fix every problem, God can. Through our willingness, we can partner with Him and bring light to a world that is shadowed with darkness. A light that the Bible tells us will not be hidden! (See Matthew 5:14.)

You might already be walking in your purpose and not even know it! Sometimes God makes it clear, and sometimes it might not feel that way. That’s why it’s called living by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

Using what God has already given us right where we are can make a positive difference in this world. Being intentional about living mission possible will:

  • guide your priorities
  • align your responsibilities and decisions with what’s right
  • fuel your drive and passion
  • set your sights on eternity

So if God opens your eyes to a situation and pricks your heart to get involved, take a step in that direction. And another step after that.

Think back on the past week. When did you feel a tug toward someone in need or toward someone who might be struggling? How did you respond?

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