#508 – Mission Possible; Day 3

Your Life Does Matter

From Tim Tebow on Youversion

If your spirit has faded recently, I want to ignite a new spark in your life. I want to show you that wherever you are and whatever you do, not only can you find meaning, but you can accomplish a mission that you have already been called to and equipped for.

Jesus said Satan is “the father of lies” (John 8:44). One of the greatest lies the devil ever told was that our lives don’t matter: You’ll never be good enough. You have too much baggage. What about that skeleton in your closet?

It’s impossible to live mission possible when we don’t fully believe we are made in God’s image, hand-chosen by Him, and fully equipped to carry out works of eternal significance. You will never come to believe that your life counts if you think you are here by accident or you’re stuck in a space where you’re just going through the motions.

Lean in a bit. If you have decided to trust in Jesus, you’re not just an average person who got slightly better. You were someone who was dead to sin who is now alive in Christ (Romans 6:11). Take a moment and read that again: you were dead, and now you are alive.

Through His death and resurrection, Jesus has brought each of us from: old to new, dead to alive, sin to righteousness, slave to son or daughter, bondage to freedom, darkness to light, lost to found.

I hope that fires you up as much as it does me. When I reflect on this drastic exchange, it makes me feel so alive and empowered that I can’t help but feel driven to influence others.

When you soak in the truth that you were created in the image of God, by love, in love, and for love, you see people in a new light. Your eyes open to hurt, and your heart bleeds for the hurting. Your priorities shift, and you realize it doesn’t matter how successful you are—significance matters more. And significance is found when you align your soul with what matters to God and move forward each day.

What lies do you believe about what God thinks about you or what He can do through you? What truth can you believe this week to counter those lies?

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