#524 – Truman’s Matrix; Twitterpated

Social Scores, Lockdowns and Dream Hacking

Is Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter really about free speech?

Proponents of free speech and individual rights are celebrating the Twitter board’s acceptance of Elon Musk’s bid to take Twitter into the private sector. Should the deal close, there is a belief that the platform will be more open to diverse ideas and that rules and moderation will be enacted more consistently across the user base.

Is he really stepping up as a champion of free speech and digital rights? Or, given this futurist and serial entrepreneur’s scope of projects and interests that sometimes seem ripped from the pages of a sci-fi novel, is there something else going on entirely?

Musk has talked about the Optimus AI powered robot (also known as the Tesla Bot) in development. He said that he was, “surprised that people did not realize the magnitude of the Optimus robot program,” and that he believed that Optimus would be worth more than the Tesla car business.

Could there be a link between the data he can mine from Twitter interactions — how people share thoughts and respond to prompts — to further develop the Optimus or other AI?

Or perhaps there is an opportunity with another one of Musk’s endeavors, Neuralink, which is described as, “Developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.” Whether it is customizing user interfaces, providing other relevant data or serving as a model for a brain-connected communication system, there may be synergy here as well.


This is one of the most powerful segments I’ve ever seen on The Alex Jones Show.

Italy deploys new social credit system to control human behavior in the name of “climate change”

The first European nation to start rewarding citizens for their “good behavior” in obedience to the state’s dictates is Italy.

Starting this fall in the city of Bologna, the government will deploy a new pilot project in which citizens who engage in “correct” behaviors such as recycling rather than trashing and using public transportation instead of their own vehicles, will be given a top social credit score, allowing them more privileges.

In order to solve various “social issues,” the EU wants to enslave Europeans within a digital paradigm that restricts their movements for “bad” behavior while enhancing their movements for “good” behavior.

The state will be the ultimate determining factor as to which behaviors are which, and citizens will be expected to simply comply without question if they want to continue living with any semblance of “freedom.”

“Germany and Austria (ID Austria) have already accelerated their respective digital ID plans,” writes Wahagen Khabayan.

Incoming Carbon Taxes and Worldwide Climate Lockdowns – Reese Report [VIDEO]

World Health Organization set to be international health authority over all nations.

Subconscious manipulation: Advertisers to use “dream-hacking” techniques to promote brands

Advertisers are planning to employ “dream-hacking” techniques to promote brands. A recent essay by researchers from Harvard Universitythe University of Montreal and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Aeon Mag said about 77 percent of all marketers and advertisers plan to use the strategy within the next three years.

Subliminal advertising has been banned in many nations around the world because of the ethical issues about the act of implanting thoughts into an individual’s subconscious without their consent.

A group of sleep researchers said the next frontier for advertising isn’t virtual reality or holograms, but human dreams. And they warned that this method could soon turn into a nightmare.

The scientists, in an open letter published on op-ed website DXE, denounced the concept of dream advertising in which companies come up with ads into a person’s subconscious through audio and video clips. They pointed out in the letter that not only does the method already exist, but a beer company has publicly tested it out in the lead-up to Super Bowl LV last year.

The sleep researchers mentioned a real bizarre February 4 press release as an example. In the release, Molson Coors Beverage Company, which owns well-known brands like Coors Light, Miller Lite and Blue Moon, acknowledged that it could manipulate human dreams so people can collectively see visions of alcoholic beverages dancing through their heads.

Biden Announces Creation of “Disinformation Governance Board” Under the Authority of Homeland Security

Following Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter last week, which was a triumphant victory in the ongoing war over free speech, the Biden Regime announced the creation of a “Disinformation Governance Board” that will be tasked with silencing anything deemed to be misinformation that’s related to homeland security. And, yes. It’s just as dystopian and creepy as it sounds.

The new board will operate under the authority of the Department of Homeland security with a special focus on Russia and “irregular migration,” according to the Post Millennial.

As we have seen over the past 6-plus years now, the term ‘Russian misinformation’ is frequently used as a wide catch-all that includes most of what goes against the liberal establishment, so the fact that they are specifically targeting this kind of “misinformation” is that much more concerning.

The disinformation board will be led by executive director Nina Jankowicz, who, as Posobic reveals in a series of tweets, is an anti-free speech crusader and committed member of the radical left. She has even made her stance clear about crucial issues like the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop and the stolen, rigged 2020 election. Unsurprisingly, Jankowicz has publicly slandered 2020 election concerns as damaging lies, backed the proven-false claim that the laptop from hell was Russian misinformation, and openly admitted to being just as concerned about “domestic misinformation” as she is about “foreign misinformation.”

In other words, the worst (or best) person for the job, depending on which side you are on.

Child Protective Services is the largest child trafficking ring in history

For Diego Rodriguez, the Child Protective Services (CPS) is the largest child trafficking ring in the history of the world. Rodriguez is the grandfather of baby Cyrus, a child taken away from his parents by the CPS a few months ago.

Rodriguez pointed out that some families have to spend months or even years before they ever get their child back. He said the number one source of child molestation and sex trafficking in America is the foster care system that takes children away through CPS.

According to Rodriguez, every single state in America is getting paid by the federal government to kidnap children through the CPS.

Rodriguez said a state gets paid when a child is put in the hands of foster care and much more when a child goes through adoption. “This literally means our state governments through CPS are financially incentivized to kidnap as many children as they possibly can,” Rodriguez explained.

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