TCH Coop coming together quickly

The homeschool revolution is booming and I am very excited about the way this vision of our new homeschool is coming together. I am also very glad for the homeschool dads that are stepping up in a big way and volunteering to teach at our new homeschool coop. Alot of good things are happening all around.

Texoma Christian Homeschool Coop is comprised of several former M.A.R.K. Homeschool families that got together with a vision and followed through after the former director retired and the school was shutdown. Many of us felt there was alot of good to be built on from our experience in M.A.R.K. so we took on the challenge and formed a board of directors in June of 2022.

Terri Hayter and Andi Hale were up to the task of being co-coordinators and for me it was a dream come true to be given the opportunity to be the Administrator / Principal for TCH. We are also every blessed to also have Catherine Honkomp, Jennifer Carpenter and Vicki Schweiss serving on the board as well. The former serves as our Treasurer while the latter is our new Assistant Principal! We are excited to have such capable and experienced homeschool parents serving with us.

Speaking of homeschool dads, I am hoping we are starting a new revolution at TCH with the involvement of several homeschool dads. Not only are they trusting me to lead the school, but we are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Honkomp and Mr. Hayter in the classroom this year!

Another huge blessing to our homeschool coop is the upgrade in our new facility this year. The facility is setup nicely for us to use 9 separate classrooms, large gym, kitchenette, cafeteria, and a full nursery. There will be no need to bring in fans and space heaters in our new location at Tenth and Broad Church of Christ. We sincerely appreciate their hospitality, not only with our new homeschool, but also with Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls, whom they also host. Pastor Ken and the folks at Tenth and Broad are as committed to our youth as we are, and for that we are grateful.

Let’s Recap;

What : Texoma Christian Homeschool Coop

When : Tuesdays, Sep 13 – Dec 6 10am-2pm

Where : 1319 Tenth Street (Tenth and Broad)

More Info :

Contact : Andrea Hale 940-224-6211

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