Vaccine War Headlines vol 39

Adverse Event Reports

1,371,471 Reports Through July 29, 2022

Renowned Molecular Biologist Accuses Fauci of Lying to Congress About Gain-of-Function Research

Rutgers University microbiologist Dr. Richard Ebright testified before the U.S. Senate on Wednesday (August 3) that top public health officials lied about dangerous gain-of-function (GoF) research experiments conducted in Wuhan, China.

Ebright said that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other U.S. federal agencies funded research that fit the definition of GoF at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) without proper oversight.

Specifically, Ebright testified that research funded by federal agencies at the WIV in the 2010s violated an NIH pause on GoF research funding between 2014 and 2017. After the pause was lifted in 2017, Ebright claimed that GoF projects which continued did not properly go through the agency’s regulatory process for oversight.

“Gain-of-function research of concern involves the creation of new health threats–health threats that did not exist previously and that might not have come to exist by natural means for tens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of years,” Ebright said.

“The statements made on repeated occasions to the public, to the press and to policymakers by the NIAID director, Dr. Fauci, have been untruthful. I do not understand why those statements are being made because they are demonstrably false,” Ebright explained.

Ebright’s assertion that the NIH-funded research is GoF work directly contradicts previous testimony by Fauci before the U.S. Senate.

“The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Fauci said in May 2021. “Dr. Baric does not do gain of function research and if it is, it is according to the guidelines and is being conducted in North Carolina, not in China.”

With over 96% of the adult population fully vaccinated and 70+% boosted, Australia has just set a new record for COVID deaths.

Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!

Russia has now DIRECTLY accused the US DNC of intentionally, creating, disseminating, and artificially fueling the spread of, C19 as well as Monkeypox.

We have finally arrived at what I believed Ukraine to be about all along. Russia’s allegations have escalated to a whole level.


Folks, it’s happening. And people have HAD IT!

U.S. Life Insurance Companies Say Deaths Have an Unexplainable Increased by 40% in 18-49 Year Olds

They saw 300% increase in cancer patients over the past year. From around 36,000 new cancer patients to over 120,000 in America.

The data from the insurance companies has been confirmed by three military doctors who are now being hailed as whistleblowers.

CDC Drastically Changes COVID Guidelines, Ending Quarantine Recommendations for the Unvaccinated

Key Takeaways

  • Kids no longer need to “test to stay” in the classroom after exposure.
  • Removed recommendation to test asymptomatic people.
  • Deemphasized social distancing.

Father Whose Son Developed Myocarditis Gets Pharmacist to Admit They’re Omitting the Truth [AUDIO]

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